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Gary B. – USA – December 2018

Cactus was easy to book via email – very responsive and helpful. Thank you for flexibility since we arrived early. Our driver/guide Rivo was terrific, helpful and patiently educational. Madagascar exceeded our expectations – scenery and food were great! We recommend Cactus Tours 100%

Lucy F. – USA – November 2018

The East-West combo was fantastic. Just enough time and well arranged. Belvedere hotel was great and so was Vakona lodge and also the other hotels. The timing and itinerary were good. May be too many animals parks so I changed one of a visit to the Queen’s Palace. Great flexibility. Guides and drivers were very professional, very knowledgeable and very accommodating and helpful. Thanks very much to Stella, Rojo, Rivo and the others for the great trip. It was very well organized and I saw plenty of Baobab trees, chameleons, and lemurs which is just what I wanted!! I have already recommended Cactus to friends asking after all the great photos. Thank you. Lucy.

Andrew F. – United Kingdom – November 2018

Rita was excellent in helping with this. We were impressed with the planning of our trip. All our questions were answered quickly and we had the itinerary we wanted. We love the country, we love landscape and we love the animals. We were impressed wit the English of all Cactus staff we met. Your personal touch and ability to make our itinerary is very good. Our favourite moment: forest walk with Mary Our favourite food: Zebu Our favourite drink: THB Beer – Eau Vive – THB Fresh Andrew

Peter A. – Denmark – November 2018

The itinerary was exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely recommend Cactus Tours. For an experienced wildlife photograph going to Madagascar, with Cactus is a MUST.


Loma M. – Phillipines – October 2018

Timing, itinerary, arrangements, all excellent. We highly recommend the company.We did enjoy your country. 

Thank you. 


Lauren H. – United Kingdom – October 2018

Good organisation and fast responses to arrangements. I have had a really lovely trip here. Ludo has been a fantastic guide. Rina’s responses have been very prompt and all sites were really lovely. Overall I am rather happy with the company ad the experience of Madagascar I have had.


Sean Z. – United Kingdom – September 2018


Ulf F. Sweden – March 2019

The trip was very well organized. 

Everything was like a clockwork. Our complaints above BVL resolve smoothly. It was a very diverse itinerary. We loved all the wildlife. Madagascar did not disappoint. We also enjoyed the road trip – a real insight into the lives of people in the villages. Tahina, our driver, has been great throughout the trip. Friendly, helpful and a nice genuine person. Perle was professional, methodical and brilliant. Before the trip, we felt that the trip was quite expensive, but now we feel it was great value for money.Definitely, we recommend Cactus Tours. Quality service. Thank you so much for organising a great adventure for us. We had enjoyed it so much. 


Emily S. & Andrew B. – USA – September 2018

The communication to plan the trip with Rojo was easy. She planned what we wanted and made other good recommendations when needed them. Tojo was very nice to respond to our worries. Mom’s email while we were on the trip. We moved around a lot but really enjoyed seeing all the different areas. Good balance of hiking/activities and free time to relax.We never felt rushed. Drivers/guides were perfectly prompt. They were amazing. Mamy was very genuine, always make us feel safe, and shared a lot of Malagasy culture. Frank went above and beyond to make sure everything on the trip was perfect. He was a true professional. We wanted to experience all the wildlife and definitely a good amount of lemurs, chameleons, birds, etc. All the national parks/nature reserve were great. The planning process was great and everything was so well organized while we were on the trip. We got to experience everything we wanted to and loved having a personalized trip. There were so many details along the way. The welcome gifts, stops for fruits, etc. were great. We had a wonderful trip. Everything felt so special, and we really got to experience Madagascar nature and culture. What a beautiful country. The logistics were so seamless. We couldn’t believe how well organized everything was. 

Thank you so much. 

Emily and Andrew.

Allison C. – Australia – September 2018

Thank you for all your hard work in respect to our demands. Absolutely, we recommend you.


Lotten R. & Son – USA – September 2018

We had a great stay and we have found the Malagasy people friendly and patient with me as a foreigner in the country. Meeting people at the market is fun and Madagascar is beautiful. Being driven helps when enjoying the country, looking about. We found the staff overall friendly and welcoming. 

We certainly recommend Cactus. Lotten

Karen P. and Jonathan A. – New Zealand – September 2018

All our requests were listened to. All hotels were lovely, exceeded expectations. Friendly staff. The itinerary was a good mixture. Some long travel days – feel could have better used time. Rive was a great driver, easy to understand, very informative, courteous and friendly. The car was comfy as well.A wonderful tour and fee we’ve had insight into the country. 

Thank you!! 

Karen and Jonathan

Maria M. – Brazil – September 2018

All the arrangements worked very well. And before that, the communication with Cactus to chose the tour, points of interests, contracting services and payment was very quick and smooth. All the hotels were very good. All meetings, tours and and walking safari were all on time. I have seen everything I planned. I’m aware that there is much more to know, but considering the time available, it was extremely fruitful. I will definitely recommend Cactus! Also, I hear about Cactus Tours for a trip advisor forum post and I wand to give a feedback to TA community. Keep your performance and services as they are. Stay like that!! 


Paolo N. – United Kingdom – September 2018

The arrangements were very well organised and smooth. The tour guides and rivers were amazing. Coudn’t have asked for better. Thanks for a great trip !! 

We highly recommend Cactus.


Amanda S. – Australia – August 2018

The tour was fantastic. It included everything that we asked for. The hotels were all very good especially la Varangue in Tana and Couleur Café in Antsirabe.We had a most amazing time in Madagascar. The things that we’ve seen and the people we’ve met will stay with us for ever. Thanks to Rina for organising an excellent tour land alternative arrangements when our Air Madagascar flight was cancelled!! We can’t speak highly enough for our guides, Ludo and Dimby. Their expertise and passion for their country and what they do showed through and was a major contribution in our enjoyment of Madagascar. We were also very impressed with our park guides, Rodin in Ranomafana. Heri in Anjozorobe. All fabulous and all went the extra mile to try to find the birds and lemurs for us. We absolutely recommend Cactus Tours. 

Amanda S.

Kevin D. – Austrlia – August 2018

The arrangements were all good and according to plan. Good and comfortable hotel and nice restaurants. Please that we did not fly both ways and drive was interesting. As a first time visit, we were impressed and would like to see more of the country. Tour guides and drivers were all friendly and helpful.

We highly recommend Cactus Tours. 

Kevin D.

Sanam G. – Australia – August 2018

The schedule was busy but GREAT! 

Happy to see the East and West of Madagascar. The accommodations were comfortable and the itinerary was perfect. We did everything we wanted.We love the wildlife, plants and culture of Madagascar. Solo was a strong and excellent driver and kept us safe. Ludo was a great guide. We learnt a lot from him and he is a very good guide. Vola was excellent. She taught us so much about the Malagasy culture. She was an excellent guide. All the guides were extremely professional. We had a great experience in Madagascar and are very happy to chose Cactus Tours. They know a lot about plants and every animal. Cactus was great!! Misaotra. Thank you. Merci. 

Sanam and Michael G.

Wendy S. – USA – August 2018

The arrangements was smooth and easy. Maggy was able to offer suggestions and make all the changes when necessary. The hotels were all fine. Sometimes options for vegetarian food was limited. The itinerary worked very well for us. It was perfect to have a relaxing break in the middle of our trip. Guides and drivers were always early!!We saw all we wanted to see. All the guides and drivers were excellent. The trip has been a incredible adventure! Other that the rough roads this trip exceeded our expectations!! Thank you and we will definitely recommend Cactus Tours. Wendy.

Mark S. – Ireland – August 2018

Excellent arrangements, accommodations and itinerary. Very good drives and guides. World class guides: Stella and Romeo). Thank you. I would like to return. 


Mariah W. – United Kingdom – July 2018

The days were full but not exhausting, and we had a nice mix of physical activities and time to relax. Hotels were all very nice and above our expectations. Princess Bora was an especially fancy treat.Our Evergreen East with Ranomafana, add-on was really great a-week itinerary. We got to beach, jungles, towns, highlands. A bit of everything. We enjoyed being here for the cooler months, especially were happy to be at Sainte-Marie for the whales season. The diverse landscape was striking, from the highland valleys and hills to farmland to forest to beach. The wildlife was spectacular especially the lemurs, whales and chameleons. Our guide was a phenomenal guide and driver. He was a calm and professional. But also very nice and knowledgeable and fun to be with around. My Dad and I really enjoyed traveling with him. The car was comfortable and survived most of the rough roads with the exception of one breakdown but our driver did some good troubleshooting. Cactus Tours was fantastic from start to finish. Everything was clearly communicated and made our trip fun, relaxing and interesting. It was a really good value for the price, and one of the best organized tour experiences I’ve ever had. The guides were friendly. We loved Dimby, Emile, Mario and Justin. Maria

Guido V. – Netherland – July 2018

Perfect organisation, hotels and itinerary all as promised. Very full schedule to see everything in a short period of time. Very helpful staff when in need. Thanks for a hectic but nice and interesting vacation. For sure, I will recommend your company to friends and families and other travelers.


Owen E. – Australia – July 2018

The arrangements were amazing; I really enjoyed every aspect of the tour. My tour guide Jeremy was awesome and very attentive. Richard – guide ws also very knowledgeable and great.Madagascar is a beautiful country, great culture and amazing and warm people. I look forward to returning to see more! 


Peter and Linda M. – USA – July 2018

The whole trip went smoothly. The arrangements were excellent. We always felt safe and well looked after. Rina did a great job communicating by email before our visit. All of the hotels were comfortable and clean. The hotel as the Tsingy was especially welcome after the camping. The Couleur Café hotel should provide extra blankets in the room. We enjoyed food everywhere. The boat and camping were really great. We enjoyed all of our stops with Nandih very much. Both of us liked the camping and boat. Linda found the Tsingy challenging. The baobabs were great. We would have enjoyed one more night at Morondava to recover from the long drive from the Tsingy tour. The lemurs were wonderful. The guides made sure we saw many types of animals in several settings. We also liked the birds and crocs. Our guide, did an excellent job. He was always well-prepared and unfailingly cheerful and polite. He exhibited a wide range of knowledge. We were especially pleased that he solicited our interests and adjusted and focused the visits on our interests and abilities. The 3 drivers were capable and safe. We liked the lunch stops at local restaurants, especially when the guides recommend local dishes. We were happy to visit markets and have our special stops in dog orange. Cactus did an excellent job with good value for money. We were pleased to use the local company where our payment where our payment went into the local economy. We would certainly recommend Cactus Tours to others. Peter and Linda M.

April D. – USA – July 2018

I would like to Cactus Tours. It was very convenient and gave us an awesome tour of parts of Madagascar. Thank you!! We had a great time !!!April

Gitte P. – Denmark – June 2018

Thank you very much for your very personalized service. Very much appreciated.


Deborah W. – USA – June 2018

We all arrived home safely and have had a great time going through our photos, writing reviews, and sending information about our trip to others. I submitted a 5-Star Trip Advisor review for Cactus Tours, and, of course, mentioned you. Have you seen it? Also, I am attaching the trip report that I did. A photo of you is included! Thanks again for a simply wonderful trip. You were a joy to work with. And I hope that some of my friends will be contacting you to arrange their own trips to Madagascar. With great appreciation, Deborah

Sandy A. – USA – June 2018

Memories of Madagascar are uppermost in my mind today, as I sort through the many photos I took of the wildlife and the landscapes. I cannot decide which is more exciting! Thank you for putting together a fabulous tour for us — and also for the mug which will make me feel as if I’m back there, enjoying my morning coffee. You have good people working as your drivers and guides, and I appreciated their concern for our safety. Keep up the good work!


Fardin Z. – USA – June 2018

Maggy was an amazing informed planner. She worked and supported my plans with detailed information patiently. I am most grateful! The drivers were professional, courteous and very safe driver!. I cannot thank Ludo, our guide, enough for finding all and with his eyes like a hawk, he spotted the rarest including the rare White breasted Mesite. He is a great asset to Cactus!! Thanks so much Ludo!! Thank you so much Cactus for an amazing experience!! Your professional guides give you the memory of a life time!! Most definitely, we recommend Cactus Tours. Fardin

Kyle R. – USA – May 2018

The arrangements very very convenient, quick, easy. Rojo made things easy and non-stressful. Great hotels. Great itinerary. We are very happy. About the time, there was some down time but it as nice to be able to rest.We saw many fantastic things. I had great experiences. Especially liked the Lemur Island Haja our drive/guide was wonderful. His English is good. He was very helpful, kind and caring. A very fun and informative guide. The vehicles was nice as well. This was a fantastic trip. Cactus Tours made it easy to have a great itinerary. Rojo & Haja make the trip an unforgettable experience Kyle

Emily B. – USA – May 2018

Rina was a pleasure to work with leading up to the trip.. He helped me arrange a trip that included everything that I wanted to see. Ludo was very knowledgeable about the local wildlife and make sure to point out lots of animals! He also helped to make sure that I got great pictures. The car and 4WD were both comfortable. I was able to see everything that I hoped to see in Madagascar! Everything was so much more amazing in person that in the pictures I saw before I came. I didn’t expect to go on a ferry that the locals take while headed to the Tsingy. I really enjoyed. Rive was a great driver and guide. He did everything he could to make sure I had the best trip! I had a wonderful time in Madagascar and would love to come back some day. If I am able to come back, I will definitely reach out to Cactus to help organize another trip. Emily.

James O. – United Kingdom – May 2018

Rina did a great job. She was very patient responding to all our questions and the travel plans/arrangements. The tour went very smoothly. The hotel in Tsingy/ Morondava were very excellent/amazing. The hotels in Kirindy and Tana were good. The one in Andasibe was OK.Great itinerary, well planned. Always doing something/ seing things. Love it!! Excellent timing from all guides/drivers pick up and excursions. We enjoyed everything in Madagascar but especially the sunset at the Avenue of Baobab and the Lemurs and Tsingy!! Rivo was a very good driver and funny. Nandih, our guide is an outstanding guide. Extremely knowledgeable, amazing from start to finish. Caring and funny. His English is excellent. He make our trip extra special. Faly was also a very good driver and always on time. Excellent trip. Absolutely, we recommend Cactus Tours. Amazing tour + Organisation was perfect. Thank you to everyone involved for making our trip memorable!!! 

James & Andrea

Kestutis J. – Lithuania – May 2018

We definitely recommend Cactus Tours. Everything was fine. All the hotels were good. Isalo was the finest. The itinerary was arranged as we wanted. Thank you for wonderful vacations. If it is possible hope to come back.


Joel & Christine F. – USA – May 2018

Thank you for helping us when were feeling sick and making changes to our itinerary. The hotels were all high quality and the food was delicious – the itinerary well planned as well. We enjoyed it learning about the diverse culture and of course the wildlife. Guides and drivers were excellent with appropriate car.Thank you again for everyone at Cactus Tours. We hope we can come back to Madagascar some day!! And of course, a big recommendation. 

Joel & Christine

Ben A. – Australia – April 2018

The arrangements were very good, easy and everyone helpful. Transfers, food etc. all good. We appreciated you changing the itinerary for us to match our dates/needs. If I did it again, I would add more night walks. And may be another longer visit to Ranomafana. Madagascar is beautiful. The wildlife, the countryside, culture and people were great. Loved visiting local markets. Our guide was excellent. He knew a lot about everything. Great English, well organised and helped us buy anything. The plan was adapted for what we wanted to do. Lovely guy who made our trip excellent. The other guides were also very good especially Chantal. The cars were good and spacious as well.We definitely recommend your Cactus. It was a very easy, safe and pleasant trip. Exceeded our expectation and we will be back. It was wonderful.


Howard and Laura B. – USA – April 2018

Charlie and Maggy planned us a wonderful itinerary that was tailored to our interest in lemurs, geology, birds, and plants. They were very easy to work with and responsive to our many emails before finalizing the itinerary.We were satisfied with all accommodations and felt especially pampered at Jardin du Roy. We were very pleased with our itinerary and never felt too rushed from place to place. Two nights in almost every destination worked well for us. We thought the timing was good. No park was very crowded this time of year and the weather was beautiful. We had a busy schedule, but did not feel overwhelmed or that we didn’t have enough time in each stop. Ndimby was a wonderful driver and guide. He was knowledgeable, personable, patient, extremely efficient, always taking care of the smallest details – and his driving was excellent! Vehicle was very good. Comfortable, and fit all the luggage and the things we kept buying. Cactus went beyond the necessary to ensure we had an enjoyable, safe, informative trip. Maggy and Ndimby always did more than required for us. Many thanks to both of them. Thank you for taking care of us. We highly recommend your company. 

Howard and Laura.

Tacio F- Brazil – April 2018

The time scales were quite good, with good timing for all activities and meals. All hotels were really adequate and pleasurable. The itinerary couldn’t be better. The cities and experiences were perfect. I enjoyed everything properly. I had time to do everything in good pace. Just the day in Great Tsingy was a bit short because part of the park was closed. I was amazed by the place but couldn’t enjoy more time there and the day activities ended early.Madagascar is a place to be and visit, I’ve dreamed to visit this land for 20 years and I was more than pleased when I got here. Landscape is unbelievable, people pleasant, and the animals and plants are a show apart just amazing. I’m sure to combe back some day! No doubt, I recommend Cactus Tours to anyone who want to come to Madagascar. 


Albert H. – USA – March 2018

The arrangements were good and professional. Advance information was complete. Everything went smoothly. The itinerary worked very well for us. The timing was very good also, with enough time for rest. We focused on lemurs and rainforest, but there is so much more to see on our next visit. The local guides were very good. We enjoyed each person. They each had something new to add to our experience. Tahina is an excellent driver/guide. He is an excellent professional. He made us feel safe and well cared for. He is pleasant and informative. He works very hard to please clients. The car as good for us and Tahina kept it very clean. We certainly recommend Cactus Tours for anyone who want to come to Madagascar.Thank you. 


Gillian D. – United Kingdom – March 2018

The communication was excellent while arranging this tour. Our itinerary perfectly met our requirements. The quality of the hotels was very good. We had a good amount of time in each place. 3 days at the beach was lovely and relaxing;What a fascinating and beautiful country with lovely people – we love it. Our guides, both Vonjy and Ludo were so kind and helpful. Very good at their jobs. Both cars worked well and were comfortable. For sure, we recommend Cactus Tours. An incredible well organized, diverse tour. We wanted to see a lot of lemurs and we certainly did! Great accommodation throughout. Thank you Rojo for arranging the perfect tour for us.

Gillian D.

Paul H. – USA – March 2018

Thanks for your email. We are now in Capetown for a few more days before going on to Namibia. We really enjoyed our time in Madagascar 🇲🇬 and it exceeded our expectations. Tahina was an awesome driver and we enjoyed spending time with him. Please send us his email address as we had some difficulty trying to send him an email. We made it through security at the airport with no problem and want to thank you for the lovely cups. We appreciate them very much. We will spend some time on the review at the link you sent us. I can tell you now that we have no complaints about anything from start to finish. Thank you for all your help. Here are a few photos from our trip. 

Paul and Marjorie

Bronwen R. – United Kingdom – March 2018

The arrangements went well smoothly. The hotels were of very good standard. About the itinerary, you managed to fit in everything we asked for. Thank you!! I wish we could have stayed longer. The guides and drivers were all excellent and the cars were great for our bumpy roads.We most definitely recommend Cactus Tours and we already have. Thank you for your clear and constant communication. This was the trip of a life time!! B.

Jonathan L. – Sweden – March 2018

You made a good planning, with nice mix of activities. Excellent help with unexpected changes. The itinerary was very detailed with a lot of information. The drivers and guides were knowledgeable. We highly recommend you because of the good service and that you are trustworthy. Thanks for making our trip as good as it could be.

David W. – United Kingdom – March 2018

About the arrangements, everything worked very well. All the hotels very very good especially Jardin du Roy, La Varangue and Lac Hotel. Our itinerary was probably a little too much but all catered for well. The timing worked very well as well. Our driver/guide was very kind, attentive, thoughtful and a good driver. We highly recommend Cactus Tours. We could have done a few things differently but all in all it was a great holiday. David.

Aj & May – Singapore – February 2018

About the arrangements: everything was what I wanted. 

All was great, no issues at all. Ankarana lodge was great. Meals were excellent and the staff very friendly, eager to help. Just no hot water but eco friendly so expected it.Frank, our guide was very knowledgeable, very informative and helpful. Highly recommend him. Patrick, our driver was very good as well. I would highly recommend Cactus Tours. Cactus Tours arranged exactly what I wanted. Only thing I didn’t give myself more time. Need to leave the planning to Cactus. They would make your trip awesome. 5/5 in my books.

 Aj & May

Linda M. – USA – January 2018

The overall arrangement was very good. We liked most of the hotels. We liked Rivo, our tour guide/driver very much. Excellent!! We recommend Cactus Tours for sure.Overall, we enjoyed our trip and all of the parks. The rehabilitation centre was a nice way to finish our journey here in Madagascar. 

Thank you!! We will miss all of your staff!!


Lisa W. – UK – January 2018

Great communication – Very good hotels. All had great food. Very well organised, made our honeymoon special. We will come back again next time.

Thank you so much. Lisa

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