Tropical beaches of Madagascar

Madagascar has got over 5000kms of pristine white beaches, secluded bays and secret coves, enough for great journeys. The beaches of Madagascar are already destinations on their own.

Nosy Be Archipelagos

It is situated in the northwest of Madagascar and encounters several small Islets around it: Nosy Komba, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Mitsio. Known also as the perfumed Island because of the Ylang-Ylang plant, Nosy Be is a the leading destination for sea & sun in Madagascar due to its tropical climate with superb beaches and excellent facilities. Nosy Be is also known for its tranquillity, turquoise water and exquisite seafood feasts. The infrastructure of Nosy Be has drastically improved since late this year.


– Excursions to the Marine Reserve of Nosy Tany Kely where one can dive, snorkelling, observe lemurs, bats…
– Excursion to Nosy Komba
– Island hopping
– Deep sea fishing
– Diving & snorkeling in the colorful underwater gardens of the island’s spectacular coral reefs.
– Sea turtles observation.
– Visit of the nature reserve of Lokobe Reserve.
– Tradition immersion
– Visit of essential oil factories.

Anakao and Nosy Ve

Located in the heart of fishermen’s village, Anakao is turquoise lagoon decorated by the colorful Vezo sailing boats. In its southern side as well as at Nosy Ve with its pristine and warm water.


– Wind surfing at Nosy Ve
– Snorkeling & diving
– Excursion with the Vezo sailing boat
– Excursion to Tsimanapetsotsa National Parks
– Bird-watching at Nosy Ve
– Whale-watching from July to September.

Belo sur Mer

Situated 80km southern of Morondava, this Vezo village is on the edge of a picturesque lagoon. Away from the crowd, this scuba diving site is accessible by car on a sandy road and through a spiny deciduous forest, spiny vegetations and Baobabs.


– Snorkeling & diving in an island surrounded by coral reefs – home for multicolor fishes
– Kite surfing
– Excursion by boat through the mangroves for bird-watching
– Excursion to Manahy reserve (National Park of Kirindy Mitea) and observe to observe birds including flamingos – and other fauna.

Ifaty Beach

It is a world-class scuba diving and snorkeling. Your 2 or 3 days journey at Ifaty will allow enjoy its beautiful beach and to explore its extraordinary under water. You can have sea excursion either onboard luxury catamarans or with the local sailing boats. The nature reserves inside the spiny forest of ancient Baobab will give you the opportunity spot otherworldly species of plants, birds as well as turtles.


– Diving & Snorkeling
– Kite surfing – Quad riding – Hiking – Fishing – Walking.
– Bird-watching at the surrounding spiny forest and reserves.

The three bays in Diego

Untamed beaches with very white sands surrounded by spiny bushes – you have everything to enjoy.


– Kite and Wind surfing
– Boating

Masoala-Beach-Widlife combo

Where the rainforest meets the ocean. Masoala encounters three unspoilt marines parks covering 10,000 hectares, home for more than 300 fish species.

– Excursions to to the marine parks of Masoala for snorkeling & diving
– Relax by the beach after hikes and trekking in the rainforest.

Sainte Marie Island

Sainte Marie Island originally named Nosy Boraha (57km-long) Above its idyllic beaches, its pristine waters and its luxuriant vegetations, Sainte Marie is an authentic tropical island and home for breeding Humpback whales in season. As it lays over the Eastern cost of Madagascar, by the Indian Ocean, its climate is very soft. Sainte Marie is ideal place for honeymoon and romantic journey.

– Wind surfing
– Diving & snorkeling
– Whale-watching from July to September
– Mountain biking and quad riding
– Visit of villages and cultural sites
– Walking
– Fishing
– Excursion to Ile aux Nattes

Terre Blanche Estate

Isolated and private beach longing the Mozambique  Channel – 360 of sun a year – with secluded beaches and caves. This is only reached either by boat or by private planes. This is a place for honeymooners.

– Boating
– Diving and snorkelling
– Boating
– Caving
– Hiking
– Fishing