Health care in Madagascar


We are complying with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Malagasy Government instructions for all the the safety and sanitary protocols to keep our guests safe and healthy.


No vaccination is required by the health authorities unless you have been transiting in infected countries.

Malaria prevention

The use of insect repellant is very helpful for both for prevention and for your comfort. You are advised to bring mosquito repellant as this is very important and difficult to find outside of Tana (the City). Natural insect repellants extracted from local plants into essential oils are available in well-being shops in Antananarivo.

Most travelers takes Lariam, Malarone, Doxypalu, Savarine or Paludrine, before, during and after their trip to Madagascar.

Please consult your travel clinic for appropriate health requirements.


If even Cactus Tours’ has its own first aid boxes, it would be good to bring band aids, stomach tablets, stop-vomiting tablets, painkillers and cold remedies for you personal use. These kind of medication are available in Tana (the City).

If none of the medications are used you can leave the unused medication with the hotels or some local hospitals. there is always a need for medication.

Travel insurance

It is strongly advised to set up a valid travel insurance before you come. This should cover medical cares, medical evacuation and repatriation in case of any accident.

Some local clinics like Espace Medical and Assistance Plus own helicopters and airplanes ambulances – and they are cooperating with international insurance companies.

Food and water

You will be provided healthy and quality meals during your trip with Cactus Tours. Our staff will take care of your well being during camping, excursions and expeditions. Nevertheless, you are not advised to eat raw food or to drink unsafe water.

Special cares

In case of a very needed special health care such as breathing equipment, wheel chairs, etc. please inform us in advance to help you preparing the necessary accessories.