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Madagascar's Climate and Weather

Besides its tropical climate, Madagascar has several microclimates due to the variation of altitudes and its regional ecosystems. The seasons are mainly divided into two main periods : the rainy season from November to March and the dry season from April to October. The length of each period varies from one region to another . During the winter in July and August, the temperature in Antsirabe and Ambatolampy sometimes goes below 0°C in the morning. One can be sure that each season has its beauty and allows you to enjoy diverse activities.

When to come to Madagascar ?

April – June

What to expect? less rain but still some muddy trails when you travel off-road. Soft temperature and green scenery. Remote sites start to be accessible in April and with still less visitors.

July – November
What to expect ? Dry and hot temperature except in the highlands in July. Best time to view the wildlife. Most roads are accessible. Most sites are crowded.
December – March
What to expect ? in Mid-December, the rain starts falling in the highlands and in the east but not yet in south and north. High temperature and humidity. February is the middle of the rainy seasons. But nature lovers can always pass through with ATV vehicles.

The climatological map of Madagascar

Climatological map of Madagascar

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