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Excellent value, rich of experiences.

One of the best ways to visit Madagascar is also to use the transportation the locals use and stay in basic hotels and guesthouses.
When choosing this tour, you will be provided basic accommodations: rooms are clean and cosy but they do not have A/C or fan. Facilities could be private or common.
In camping, our equipments are of good quality.

Private transportation is provided. You will have standard vehicles. So it might take longer to reach a destination due to the road conditions (than a 4×4). Where a four will drive is necessary, they will not have air conditioning but good and strong to reach the destination.
When using the normal vehicle, you will be a little bit limited for the excursions are the vehicle cannot go off-road.
You will have more cultural interaction with locals.
In any case, safety remains our main priority and cannot be compromised or neglected.


Great value, reasonable prices, quality experiences.

Midrange accommodations will be provided wherever it is possible. You will have your private en-suite facilities. Rooms are of good standard and most of the time with restaurants. Deluxe accommodations can be booked upon request.

Most of hotels/lodges have A/C or fans at least as well as swimming pools and internet connection.
In remote areas where there is no internet, we can provide USB modem to connect if necessary.

The vehicles we use here are most of the time 4WD with A/C and comfortable enough. Just ready for any kinds of roads. In case we use minibuses or buses, we sometimes have to switch into 4WD in some places for your comfort.

Picnic lunches with the necessary equipments are provided wherever it is needed.
In some adventure tours, you will be provided comfortable camping equipments during the expeditions.

In the case of bicycle adventures, back up cars will ensure the transportation of the equipments along with the vehicle for passengers.


All the adventures you want, with 5-star services.

Accommodations are chosen to be top-end wherever it is possible. In some places, it might happen to have only midrange standard available. The vehicles are also the most comfortable possible.
To save time, private flights are available to reach sites in remote areas or to reach exclusive resorts.
5-stars services are provided for this type of tour.

You are welcome to discuss openly about your budget and tours with our experts.

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