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Hand-crafted and conceived by Malagasy experts who have been experiencing extensively their homeland.

We are a Responsible Travel Company, so our tours are environmental friendly and also involve the local community for a better life.

The tours can be combined and they are mostly private so you can start any time.

Most of our tours start in Antananarivo, the capital where is settled the main airport of the country.

Madagascar tours and holidays

Combo East – West Tour – 7 days / 6 nights

A combination of the wet rainforest of the East and the dry deciduous region of the mid-west famous for its unique Baobab forest. You will also discover the unique wildlife and flora of these two contrasted habitats.
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Evergreen East tours Madagascar

The Evergreen East – 10 days / 9 nights

A magnificent wildlife and cultural experience throughout the eastern slope of Madagascar and its wetland, home for many endemic species of fauna and flora. Best site for whales-watching.

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Madagascar perfumed north

The Perfumed North – 11 days / 10 nights

Part of the Spices Route. A tour to enjoy the entire Madagascar at a smaller scale and in an easy way through diverse ecosystems: rainforest, the Tsingy, etc., including Andasibe plus the famous Nosy Be Island.

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Madagascar jungle beach vacations

The Jungle-Beach vacation – 12 days / 11 nights

A holiday starting from the deep eastern rainforest of Masoala with its thick jungle – known as among the 5th top biodiversity in the world – and its pristine marine reserve – to the warm and idyllic turquoise sea of the paradisiac islands of Madagascar. Enquire this tour >> | >> More details

Madagascar south tour

The Overland Great South Tour & Mantadia – 16 days

You will start at Andasibe-Mantadia Reserve, getting through Ranomafana and Isalo National Parks and will end by the beach. A fascinating discovery tour to observe the wildlife and the ecosystems as well as the culture.
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Madagascar backbone route

The Backbone Route – 23 days / 22 nights

The ultimate Madagascar experience. Stretching from the top North to the far South. A truly exquisite tour to enjoy the wilderness and to explore in depth the amazing Madagascar.
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City tours in Antananarivo

Around the City of Beauty – 2 days

This is a discovery of the Capital and its culture on its original side and lifestyle. You will also enjoy some wellness sessions and geniune Malagasy cuisine.
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The Madagascar wondrous highlands

The Wondrous Highlands – 4 days /3 nights

An immersion tour through the Central highlands, heart of Madagascar on red lateritic trails. Experience the rural active and the vibrant local life of the renowned hospitable Malagasy people.
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Madagascar transcorridor trek

The transcorridor trek – 5 days / 4 nights

It is a mixture of wildlife holidays and cultural experience from the highlands and the eastern slopes of Madagascar. You will cross the corridor rainforest linking Ranomafana and Andringitra National Parks and will reach the Indian Ocean. Enquire this tour >> | >> More details

Madagascar off the beaten track

Off-the-beaten track tours – 11 days/ 10 days

The high climatic contrast of Madagascar enhances the diversity of its nature and their habitats. You will experience both the wetland and rainforest of Masoala as well the land of Baobabs to the Tsingy de Bemaraha. Enquire this tour >> | >> More details

The Western Baobab Safari Madagascar

The Western Baobab Safari – 13 days / 12 days

An adventure tour with canoeing safari down-stream theTsiribihina River to the breathtaking rock formation called Tsingy, a classified as world heritage by the UNESCO and the famous Baobab Avenue.
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Madagascar trekking

Zebu Trek – 14 days – 13 nights

Trek along an old zebu trails from the highland to the east coast. An gueniun combo of adventure ands beach holidays to experience the Malagasy culture and nature for adventure seekers.
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Trek in the gondwana land

Trekking in the Gondwanaland – 5 days / 4 nights

An ancient granite mountain chain and plateau, Andringitra National Park boasts 3 ecosystems: the primary rainforest , the alti-mountain areas and the savannah – Also a living part of the Gondwana Supercontinent.
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Trek in the Makay

Trekking in the Makay – 14 days / 13 nights

This is yet a real unusual destination. To start the discovery of Madagascar, you will have a short visit of the eastern rainforest at Andasibe before reaching the starting point of this extreme trek adventure in the South-West of Madagascar. Enquire this tour >> | >> More details

Madagascar tours by mountain bike

Madagascar Bicycle Tour – 15 days / 14 nights

An active tour program with a great group ambience on-road and off-road -combining cycling, cultural animations, safari and beach vacation. This tour can be ran individually on request.

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Madagascar Marojejy and Daraina Tsingy Tours

The Northern Golden Triangle – 19 days / 18 nights

This route contains the rarest species of flora and fauna of the Malagasy rainforest and will give you deep understanding of the richness of the living natural history of this 7th continent.

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Madagascar elite tours

Madagascar Elite Tours – 10 days / 9 nights

The visited sites in this tour program are mainly chosen for the uniqueness and beauty of their biodiversity and spot. This is why we use mostly private flight in this tour program to enable you to enjoy your holiday.

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Madagascar birdwatching tours

Madagascar Birding Tour – 18 days / 17 nights

283 species of birds to discover where about 120 are found nowhere else. A tour covering the Island to observe the birdlife and their natural habitats. A maximum of endemics to observe.

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Madagascar birding tours

Birding Extension Tour – 7 days / 6 nights

On the outlook of the most endemic species. Uncommon discovery tour – and birdwatching adventure through the wetland of the north-west of Madagascar to spot more endemics.
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Madagascr botany tours

On the botany trails – 17 days / 16 nights

Madagascar is quite relevant for the diversity of its flora but also in the utility of its plants which represent a high rate of medicinal virtue. Madagascar has got 12 000 of plant specimens.

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Madagascar charter flight

Charter Flight and Jet Transfers at your own pace

Discover Madagascar from the sky. As Madagascar is a huge island, the distance from each sites of interests are usually time consuming. Visit all the biodiversity hotspots within your short available time frame.

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Custom Journey in Madagascar

We customize your itinerary and organize your holidays to match your requirements and wishes at your desired time.