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The Evergreen East journey – 11 days

Madagascar's rainforest, wildlife & beaches

Let immerse into to the heart of Madagascar’s lush evergreen rainforests with our meticulously crafted discovery tour. Your adventure begins in the renowned Andasibe National Park, a huge biodiversity reserve of 121,810 hectares. Here, amidst the dense canopy, you’ll encounter the majestic Indri Indri, Madagascar’s largest lemur, whose enchanting calls echo through the forest amongst many other species of lemurs and other wildlife.

As you traverse this verdant region, be prepared to be mesmerized by an array of exotic wildlife – from vibrantly colored birds and elusive frogs to the intriguing chameleons. Andasibe-Mantadia is not just about fauna; it’s a treasure trove of rare and endemic flora that adds to the mystique of the rainforest.

Prepare your senses for the aromatic fields of cloves, cocoa, and vanilla that line the Pangalanes Channel’s wetlands. These fragrant landscapes offer a feast for the senses and a glimpse into the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

A visit to the Aye Aye Island presents a rare opportunity to encounter one of Madagascar’s most unique and elusive creatures, the Aye Aye lemur. This nocturnal primate, with its distinctive appearance, adds an element of mystery to your expedition.

You will reach the serene Sainte Marie Island. Here, time slows down amidst the lush greenery and idyllic beaches. From July to October, the island transforms into a haven for whale watchers, offering a chance to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

  • Wildlife safari
  • Botanical exploration
  • Birdwatching
  • Whale-watching from June to September
  • Cultural encountering
  • Boat ride
  • Snorkeling [optional]
  • Diving [optional]
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife safari and primary rainforest at  Andasibe/Mantadia National Park
  • Orchids at Andasibe
  • Wildlife viewing at Palmarium including including lemurs and frogs 
  • The landscapes of the evergreen east biomes
  • Cultural interaction with villagers
  • Whale-watching and beaches in Sainte Marie Island

Itinerary outline

  • Antananarivo
  • Andasibe – Mantadia
  • Manambato
  • Palmarium Reserve
  • Toamasina
  • Mahambo
  • Sainte-Marie Island
  • Antananarivo

Suggested extensions

Detailed itinerary

Arrival in Antananarivo.
You will be met at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and briefing.
Drive eastwards to Andasibe throughout the eastern slopes.
En route, visit the reserve of Peyrieras at Mandraka.
In Andasibe, visit of VOIMMA nature reserve managed by the local community.
Night walk.

Hike at Mantadia Reserve – a primary rainforest.


Hike at Analamazaotra National Park and visit of Lemurs’ Island.
Drive to Manambato then board on motorboat to the Palmarium Reserve.
Leisurely walks inside the reserve to spot animals and plants. Afternoon at leisure. Evening walks/boat to spot Aye-Aye lemurs
Boat transfer to Toamasina along the Pangalane Channel. City tour in Toamasina.
Early morning drive to Mahambo. Then board on ferry to Sainte-Marie Island.
Rest of the day at leisure.

From July to October – period for whale-watching safari.
Day at leisure – or sightseeing around the Island.
Possibility of snorkeling and diving.


Day at leisure by the beach.


Fly back to Antananarivo.
City tour and some SPA session.

Trip notes

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Any day
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Whole year round
- Humpback whales arrive in Madagascar around June and leave around September.
- The cyclonic season in Madagascar starts from January to March.

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4WD - Motorboat -Pirogue - Domestic flights

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City of departure

Antananarivo, the Capital city.

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