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Almon J. – Canada – December 2017

Everything was what we wanted. All was great. No issues at all. Ankarana lodge was great, meals were excellent, staff very friendly, eager to help. We saw so much in such a short time. Very good. Frank was very well knowledged. Very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend Cactus tours. They arranged exactly what I wanted. Only things I didn’t give myself more time. Rushed into things. Need to leave the planning to Cactus. They would make your trip awesome. 5/5. Thank you. 


David & Nadine K, USA – Nov 2017

1- The arrangements were made very smoothly. We enjoyed working with both Charlie (initially) and Maggy (later). We liked the format that the arrangements came through (PDF schedule). Our only suggestion is that the arrangements be made more quickly, or that there be more communication while the team is waiting for additional information to make a booking. 

2 – Our accommodations were above and beyond expectations. 

3 – Our itinerary and the flexibility of cactus to work with our desired itinerary were excellent. At the last minute, we decided to change the itinerary several times. We were very happy with Cactus’ ability to change the itinerary. As a side note, you should recommend that tourists bring a torch/head lamp for the trip. We wish that we had packed ours! 

4 – Everything was on time. 

5 – We truly enjoyed most of our drivers and tour guides. 

6 – All vehicles were above expectations. 

7 – YES! Absolutely, we loved our experience. 

8 – We are so happy that we booked with cactus. We had contacted other companies who pushed us toward more luxury itineraries. We thought this itinerary included many luxuries, but it was a good way to experience Madagascar for the first time. We have told all our friends that Madagascar was the highlight of our honeymoon – we also visited south Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Reunion, and a few other places. It was a highlight because of the excellent experience provided by cactus and the amazing people of Madagascar.

Vasquez G. – Spain – November 2017

I will definitely recommend Cactus Tours Madagascar to others. I was very impressed with the hotels, guides and with the itinerary. I was able to see exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much. Vasquez.

Anthony N. – USA – November 2017

We were extremely happy with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. Our guide was great, friendly and knowledgeable. Always on time. Thank you.

Philip W. – Poland – November 2017

All the guides and drivers were on time and the profsessonalism is an asset to the company. The hotels met our expectation with amenities and locaitons. Food was exceptional – beyond our expectations. Service was excellent. The staff were engaging, friendly with great sens of humour.Regarding the itinerary, the recommendations from Cactus Tours maximized our opportuniteis. Very happy with the ability to be flexible.About the cars, air conditioning is a must. All cars kept and excellent conditons inside and out. Cean windows great for phtographs. Without a doubt, we recommend Cactus Tours – particularly being a local company and quality of networks.

Thank you.

Mike D. – Australia – November 2017

Day to day organisation was excellent. Charlie was excellent. She made very helpful suggestions, offerred alternatives and improvements. Thanks to palling, we had good amount of time at each location and for moving between them. What did we like? Wildlife, birds, meeting local people, National Parks, Overall, excellent organisation and service. Great guides and drivers. Lovely hotels and meals. Thank you for the birthday cakes!! We enjoyed our celebrations. A great deal. Cactus Tours was recommended by friend to us and we would recommend them to others. 


Jessi L. – USA – November 2017

It worked really great. We were able to see a lot in short amount of time. All of our guides were outstanding. Nanda was very knowledgeable and always available. Jeremy was super helpful. We were impressed with how professional and pleasant everyone was. The food at all the hotels was great and felt safe throughout the trip. Yes, we definitely recommend you.Thank you!!


Michael F. – USA – November 2017

All hotels, arrangements and itinerary were all very good. Our highlights were Andasibe, Tsingy of Bemaraha and scuba diving at Ifaty. Cactus was very professionnal and well organized. Excellent communication. Mamy, thanks for helping us have a great time.Thank you.


Aurora J. – Canada – November 2017

Eric and I are safely in Canada and wanted to send you an email regarding our recent trip to Madagascar. We were a bit rushed leaving and didn’t feel that we thoroughly expressed our gratitude to you and the rest of Cactus for our incredible trip. Our trip to Madagascar was the most amazing experience we could have hoped for.Rado was an incredible driver and guide who entertained us with his immense knowledge and love of Madagascar and its people. He is so proud of his nation and it really showed. He kept us intrigued throughout the arduous journeys between the main cities and ensured that we felt safe and secure throughout our adventures. On our way to Andasibe, Rado stopped at the reserve peyrieras for us to get a tour of the animals. It was one of the best photo opportunities of the trip and we were so happy to have gone.Stella (Morondava) was also an exceptional guide. She was so knowledgeable in the traditions and culture of the peoples of Madagascar and gave us a huge appreciation and understanding of the diversity. Although the trip to the Tsingy de Bemaraha was long and straining, Stella ensured that we were entertained and comfortable. Faly (Morondava driver) was a very skilled driver and made sure that we felt safe throughout our travels on the adventurous roads of western Madagascar. The vehicle was always spotless and comfortable.Mara (Tsingy de Bemaraha local guide) was full of humour and happiness. We learned so much about the sacred place and the creatures that inhabit its forests. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide for the Tsingy. The local guide that we had for our nocturnal and morning walks in the Kirindy was also very knowledgeable about the local species and ensured that we had wonderful walks exploring the Reserve. Unfortunately, I cannot remember his name at this moment. In Andasibe, our local guide Celine (spelling?) was another wonderful guide. She catered the walks to our interests and ensured that we saw ALL of the species that we were hoping for. She even helped us learn some more Malagasy, which we loved and will do our best to remember. Eric has been taking portrait photos of the influential people he has met throughout his travels and we thought that we would share the ones of our Madagascar friends with you. Please feel free to distribute them to the subjects of the photos. All photos were taken with permission. Thank you so much for planning such an amazing trip for us across Madagascar. We will definitely be recommending Cactus Tours to our friends, family, and Africa travel agent. 

Eric and Aurora

Pippa H. – United Kingdom – October 2017

You were very efficient at replying to emails to organize the trip and to adapt it according to our needs. We definitely recommend you. Madagascar has exceeded our expectations and we are convinced that Cactus Tours was absolutely excellent – better than UK tour agents! Thank you.


Sara Brandt – Sweden – October 2017

The arrangements were well thought, felt like were in good hands from the start. Good to always get a response on sms/phone.Very memorable trip. Madagascar has everything to enjoy. It was a shame about the missed flight but you handle that well also. Thank you.


Hannah S. – USA – October 2017

Before we arrived, Charlie was very helpful, quick and informative – responses helped us to decide Cactus was the agent for us! About the hotels: Nature Lodge and Mangasoa are our favorites, beds are comfortable, service and food were excellent. All hotels served purpose + good location.There was a good balance in the itinerary. Plenty of unique experiences and time to rest when we needed.Madagascar is a fascinating country, enjoyed variety of landscape and animal life.Thank you for a wonderful two weeks. Your prior planning and preparation have helped us to have relaxed and fascinating holiday. We recommend Cactus Tours for accommodating our wishes but also ensured we didn’t miss interesting things. Thank you. Hannah

Benjamin P. – United Kingdom – October 2017

Really proffessional. Thank you for accommodating us at such short notice! 


Judy Silvino – Australia – October 2018

We are very happy to have Cactus Madagascar. Very attentive to details and really looked after us. We definitely recommend you.Judy & Tara

Matti P. – Switzerland – October 2017

The program was very well planned. There were no lead surprise during the whole trip. The hotels were of good quality and comfortable. Clean rooms and mostly tasty breakfast.The itinerary was a good combination of flora and fauna and culture. The schedule was well kept during the whole journey. Dimby, our tour guide, has a very large general and country-specific knowledge, which alone was enough to get the best out of our journey. He took very good care of us and has a funny sense of humour.We definitely recommend Madagascar as a destination and Cactus tours and their guides. This is a beautiful country to visit and people are incredibly friendly and helpful. Thank you. 


Sophie & Jonathan – September 2017

We had a wonderful time in Madagascar. Thanks to all at Cactus for making our travel an unforgettable experience Thank you. Sophie and Jonathan

Simon G. – United Kingdom – September 2017

Our impressions of Madagascar are mostly very good. This was a well organized tour and people were very friendly. We had very interesting range of activities, ecosystems and wildlife and people.

Yes, we highly recommend Cactus Tours.


Riina T. – USA – August 2017

Arrangements: The trip was very well organized and worry-free, everything went as planned. We were always picked up and dropped off on time. Hotels: All of the hotels were nice, some nicer than others. The hotel at Andasibe NP was a bit too far from the park for a 1-day visit. Itinerary: We made a custom itinerary and Rina was very helpful with putting it together. Many thanks to her for her patience with us! Timing: There was only one time when the timing was off – on Day 10 we had a very busy schedule and we weren’t aware that we were running short of time. We ended up only having 30-45 minutes at Anja Park to see ringtail lemurs. We wish our guide Tahina had explained the day’s schedule to us earlier and we would have spent less time at the earlier activities to leave more time for Anja. He was aware that we were very interested in seeing the ringtails. Other than that, everything went very smoothly. Interests of Madagascar: As we had a custom itinerary, we picked our own places to see, however, both guides, Mamy and Tahina, provided very interesting facts about everything as we were driving around. It made the trip even more interesting and we learned a lot about the country and Malagasy culture. Driver/Tour Guide: Both of our guides, Mamy and Tahina, were fantastic. They were very polite and pleasant and always on time and took good care of us. Tahina is also a very good driver. The other drivers were also good except the last one who took us to Andasibe on Days 14 and 15 – he was not a very good driver and he hardly talked to us. Car: All cars were clean and comfortable. Will you recommend us to other people? Definitely, we had an awesome experience with Cactus. Your message and impressions: Overall the trip was fantastic and, again, we thank Rina for helping us to put everything together. She’s a great asset to your company. As we discussed with her before leaving for the airport, the one comment we have is about the flight to Tsingy on Day 1. In our itinerary we requested overfly of Tsingy, however, the pilot told us that he made us a favor by flying over it just for few minutes. Clearly it wasn’t communicated to him that it was already in our itinerary. Something to keep in mind for future trips. Again thank you to Cactus and Rina for an awesome trip! 

Åsa and Riina.

Ross M. – Ireland – August 2017

The arrangements were very good. In general, all trips were very well arranged and all the drivers arrived on time. The hotels were excellent. The accommodation was all of a very high standard. They all did something to celebrate our honeymoon which was lovely. Food was also excellent.The itinerary was perfect. It was great to have the flexibility to stay more days in Nosy Be.The Wildlife was incredible. The food was phenomenal and the people were lovely. We cannot say enough good thinks about the country.In general, our guides were good as were our drivers. From good to very good. They were knowledgeable. In particular, our guide in the north for 3 days, Eddie, was excellent. He was fun, smart and had lots of energy. Also our guide in Tana was excellent. 

DEFINITELY, we will recommend Cactus Tours and will give very good reviews. Thank you to all of you in Cactus Tours, in particular, Charlie and our guides – you making our 3 weeks in Madagascar the perfect honeymoon a best trip imaginable. 

Ross – Eilis M.

Matthew D. – Canada – August 2017

The overall planning and arrangements for our trip were great. Rina was very responsive before we arrived + during our trip. Rivo was also very good at planning along the way and ensuring all was in order. Hotels: all hotels were very nice with helpful and accommodating staff. The itinerary was great for 17 days. Filled with fun and interesting activities. It was a good length for our trip. Interests on Madagascar:: the wildlife was always very exciting! The landscapes are always beautiful and the local people were kind and pleasant. Regarding the tour guide and driver: Rivo was also always on time and very punctual. He did not keep us waiting once. He is a fantastic guide. He was always willing to go above and beyond to ensure we were safe and happy. All were always proffessional but caring and thoughtful at the same time. The car was always kept very clean and tidy. We will certainly recommend Cactus to others. I would recommend that the company registers on for good reviews and promotion. In sum, both Rivo and Rina did a great job to ensure our trip was safe and thoroughly enjoyed. Steph and I had a fantastic time and are thrilled that we chose Cactus!! Thank you for a great holiday!!

 Matt & Steph D.

Sarah and Colin – USA – July 2017

We just wanted to email to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip. The trip was very organized and well planned. We really enjoyed each region that we visited. They were all unique and interesting. All of the hotels were in great locations. Everyone at each hotel was very friendly and helpful. Jeremy, Vongy and Fali were all amazing drivers. They were accommodating and friendly. Ludo, Arman, Diseree were all extremely knowledgeable guides. It is mainly due to their hard work and expertise that our trip was so enjoyable!Thank you again.Sarah & Colin

Lucinda and Patrick R. – Sweden – July 2017

The hotels were of good tourists class, two of the best was Relais de la Reine and Manga soa. The itinerary was perfect.Overall, good arrangements and we really loved the nature and people. Madagascar would be even a better and tourist friendly country if there were better roads and domestic flights. Thank you. 

Lucinda & Patrick.

Valentin A. – Switzerland – July 2017

It as a very well organized trip, with a wide range of different activites. We did like very much the hotel « Chez Maggi » and the one in the rainforest in Andasibe. The itinerary was well organized, filled our expectations. All drivers were always on time.Our interests of Madagascar: Baobab, Tsingy, Lemurs, Rainforest culture and people and food.Liva, was a ver nice drive. He’s very friendly and felt very secure and professionnally guided. The trip as very interesting, we saw a lot of different things, like different culture, people, nature. We did really enjoy the whole trip.


Kayla G. – Canada – July 2017

Everything was great. Very seamless with no issues. All the hotels were great. We loved Vakona forest lodge in particular. The itinerary as also good. We liked each day. Tahina was great. We loved him.Overall, we had a great time and would recommend Cactus to anyone.

Kayla. G.

David S. – USA – July 2017

The arrangements were excellent. We appreciated the flexibility when needed to last minute changes. Everything went smoothly with respect to check-in into hotels and following the itinerary. The hotels were generally good choices. We particularly liked the Couleur Café. The Sarimanok at the end was fine but not so charming as the other places. The itinerary was exactly what we asked for and enable us to see a great deal of wildlife and also to see some countryside during the drives. The timing was good. We had only a limited amount of time, but were able to see and do quite a bit. Our interests were in seeing plants and animals and driving. These interests were met. Overall, we have been very pleased with the services at Cactus Tours. Everything was perfect. And appreciate Rina briefing us upon arrival. 


Iyanthi E. – India – July 2017

Rina was very committed in organizing the tour and she into account our suggestions and was prompt in answering our queries and makes sure that we were comfortable. All hotels were comfortable, some were very attractive. The staff in all hotels were very courteous and helpful. Kirindy Lodge was a bit basic which is fine but there were a little water to wash. The beauty of Madagascar is that it is still unspoiled and as tourist we appreciated the simplicity. 

Iyanthi E.

Ben B. – United Kingdom – July 2017

The tour worked out much better that we could have expected. It was really great. For the hotels, we liked Nature Lodge and Nosy Saba.Thank you for organizing a wonderful honeymoon for us. It was an amazing experience that we will happily remember for the rest of our lives.


Davy T. – Netherlands – July 2017

Very well organized tour. Everything was perfect. Good response to emails. I will write to trip advisor for recommendation. Magnificent country plus excellent tour. 


Megan R. – Canada – June 2017

Rina was very helpful and patient. The gift were a nice touch. Hotels: Analamazaotra: basic but good staff are wonderful Kirindy Lodge: basic but good. Again staff amazing. Guide on nature walks was wonderful Chalet des Roses: fabulous Trecycogne: great – cozy Love the landscape. people are wonderful hosts and great Malagasy hospitality. Glad I could support the tourism industry. Everyone should visit. A dream destination. We recommend this company. 


Deluxmi L. – Australia – May 2017

The arrangement was so easy and perfect. All were handled very professionally. The hotels were lovely, great quality and very comfortable.The itinerary we had was great. It was nice that it could be altered for us due to our flight schedules.I was everything that I wanted to see. The wildlife and nature here is amazing.Every single guide & driver were wonderful. They were so friendly and knew so much about their local area! The cars were very good and comfortable, perfect for the places we went. Our trip in Madagascar has been an amazing experience. It is a beautiful country filled with the most beautiful people. I cannot wait to come back again one day soon!! Than you so much for arranging the perfect trip. We absolutely recommend Cactus Tours. Deluxmi.

Rishmie L. – Australia – May 2017

Everything was great!! The accommodations were very comfortable, great facilities. We really enjoyed the diversity of landscapes we saw, good mix of different things!Perfect timing and very well organized tour. We always new where to be at what time and everything run according to schedule.All places we visited were great. Loved the wildlife and sceneries.All the staff was fantastic, friendly and very helpful. They were very knowledgeable and could answer all our questions. Cactus Tours did a fantastic job in organizing our trip – it was a trip of a life time and it was everything we hoped for. I will definitely recommend you and would love to visit again!! Thank you so much!! 


Evgeny Z. – Sweden – May 2017

1- From the very first day when I submitted an inquiry Rina was very helpful and quick in response. She provided me with all the needed information regarding the tour, logistics, etc. I also felt supported during the entire trip to Madagascar by Rina, Stella and Dorick. Unfortunately, the actual timing of both of my flights was different from those confirmed in the final program. I have never received the actual booked tickets before my arrival to Antananarivo. This resulted in additional penalty of MGA 150k which I had to pay to change my flight from Morondava. This fee could have been avoided or substantially reduced if I would have received the actual flight tickets as soon as they were issued and not only a program. 

2 – Accommodations were as expected. I particularly liked the Vakona Forest Lodge. 

3 – As planned with an exception of the flights which did not correspond to the confirmed program (see 1).

 4 – No specific comments. All was on time (with an exception of the flight from Morondava to Antananarivo due to the weather conditions). 

5 – Stella was very helpful and shared a lot of interesting facts about Madagascar. This made the trip a very exciting one. Dorick was very punctual and also provided a lot of interesting insights. 

6 – Both in Antananarivo and Morondava the cars were quite good.

 7 – We highly recommend Cactus Tours. 

8 – Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to Madagascar. It’s a beautiful and very diverse island. Thank you!


Neidhart M. – Sweden- April 2017

All the arrangements were very good as we fixed it prior to the trip. We are pleased. The hotels were very good – as agreed prior to trip. Isalo Rock lodge was fantastic specially rooms in front row – incredible view. We enjoyed the national parks and hope you can keep them alive. The tour guides and drivers were very good and safe driving – very polite – clean the car every day – always on time – absolutely no complains. Only praise.We were very happy with Cactus and especially Charlie and appreciate the prompt answers to our emails.


Ingried G. – Germany – March 2017

We had quick reply after contacting you via email. All planning were done via internet and everything worked all fine. The hotels were appropriate and everything was fine. You set up a very nice itinerary according to our wishes. Very well planned and nothing were to see in the had. Very good timing concerning this itinerary and our guide had perfect timing throughout the whole time. We’ve been interested in nature and culture of Madagascar and got very good introduction into these topics during our journey. Our guide made our trip unique. The car looked after and managed everything (especially difficult roads after the cyclone). YES. We definitely recommend you. In a very short time, we were able to see and experience so much of Madagascar, thanks to the well organized itinerary you set up for us. Thanks a lot Rojo, Tahina, Patric, Jimmy, Tina and all other people who made our trip an unforgettable experience!! Ingried.

Christine M. – March 2017

You did a very good job, also/especially in the reorganizing the tour in the circumstances of the cyclone. All the hotels and food were good.The program was very well planned and I have seen much more than expected. Very exciting and interesting time! The itinerary and timing was full in line with my interests as a nature lover and biologist.We were also very glad to have Tahina as tour guide. The car was well maintained, also during the trip.I have learned a lot about the nature (species) and people of Madagascar Tahina and also other several local tour guides did a very good job. We highly recommend your company. 


Lindsay R. – Australia – February 2017

The arrangement was excellent. Really appreciate your email contact Rina. Especially when we were worried about the cyclone/rain/storms. Thanks for persuading us to come. All pick up etc. on time.The hotels were lovely – all of them. Enjoyed the variety too. The itinerary: perfect. As arranged by email from Australia. It suited us down to the ground. Great to be flexible too. We did not do the night forest walk as we preferred to relax. The timing are all good. For our interests, we specifically wanted to see lemurs and wildlife in our short trip However really enjoyed seing everyday life in the city and country. Dorique, our guide, is an excellent drier on these busy roads. Good info too. Désiré was an excellent wildlife guide and went out of his way to find interesting things for us. We DEFINITELY RECOMMEND CACTUS TOURS. Madagascar is a wonderful and unique place. Lovely people, fascinating wildlife, very special! Come and visit now before everyone discovers it. Thanks so much Rina. We have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sandra P. – Canada – February 2017

Nous avons aimé les hotels plus particulièrement celui de Morondava. L’itinéraire a été bien dosé et la première journée plus calme a été apprécié. Pour le timing, le transport et le guide était toujours à l’heure. Nous avons eu un bon mélange d’intérêts lors de ce tour. Pierrot, notre guide était bien à l’écoute de nos besoins.La voiture a été confortable et propre. Nous recommandons certains sans doute Cactus Tours.Un énorme merci! 

Nous avons découvert un pays extraordinaire; riche en culture et des gens très accueillants.

Sara Blaire – January 2017

All was arranged perfectly. Every hotel was incredible and exactly what we could have wanted. Tour guides and drivers were amazing. Cars were great for what was need as well. We already have recommended you.Thanks so much!
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