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The Perfumed North – 12 days

The microcosm of Madagascar

From Antsiranana to Nosy Be and Andasibe.

A  tour to the Madagascar’s most stunning landscapes and ecological marvels. The journey begins in Antsiranana’s three bays, where the serene beauty of the sea meets the rugged charm of the land, offering a peaceful introduction to the island’s diverse offerings.

As the tour progresses, the lush rainforests of Montagne d’Ambre National Park unfold, revealing a world brimming with vibrant wildlife and verdant foliage inhabited many endemic species of lemurs, frogs, chameleons and birds.

Further along, the Tsingy of Ankarana presents a dramatic shift in scenery. Here, the rock forest formation stands as a testament to Madagascar’s unique geological history, providing a stark yet captivating landscape but also a remarquable shelter for wildlife.

The aquatic portion of the adventure is highlighted at the Nosy Tanikely marine reserve. This underwater wonderland showcases an array of marine species, painting a vivid picture of the ocean’s rich biodiversity.

The Nosy Be archipelago is often the climax of the tour. It is here that the Lokobe Reserve offers a glimpse into the lives of Madagascar’s famed lemurs, while a visit to Nosy Sakatia brings one face to face with the gentle sea turtles in their natural habitat. During the months of October and November, Nosy Be also serves as a sanctuary for the majestic whale sharks, adding a thrilling chapter to the journey.

This tour is a narrative that unfolds the true essence of Madagascar, told through its landscapes, wildlife, and cultural richness.

Detailed itinerary

Arrival in Antananarivo.
You will be met at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and briefing.
Drive eastwards to Andasibe throughout the eastern slopes.
En route, visit the reserve of Peyrieras at Mandraka.
In Andasibe, visit of VOIMMA nature reserve managed by the local community.
Night walk.
Hike at Mantadia Reserve – a primary rainforest.
Hike at Analamazaotra National Park and visit of Lemurs’ Island.
Drive back to Antananarivo.
Fly to Diego Suarez.
Upon arrival, have some beach farniente at the lagoon of Sakalava Bay.
Visit the surrounding areas and spot baobab trees.

Depart to Montagne d’Ambre.
Hike in the rainforest and spot the wildlife, the green lake and the waterfalls.


Depart down south through the evergreen landscapes of the North to reach Ankarana.


Walking safari inside the unique rock formation – and the biodiversity of Ankarana.


Depart to the port of Ankify.
Visit of cocoa and vanilla plantations on the way.
Boat transfer to Nosy Be.

Full day excursion to the Marine reserves of Nosy Sakatia Island to spot sea turtles – the to Nosy Tanikely Island.

City tour and market visit in Nosy Be, famous for its spices.
Fly back to Antananarivo.

Tour code: #PFN005

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife safari incl. birdwatching
  • Botany
  • Sun-bathing
  • Snorkeling
  • Possibility of diving [optional]
  • Possibility of kite surfing from May to November at Sakalava Bay [optional]
  • Possibility of quad riding
  • Possibility of whale-watching from July to October.
  • Biodiversity and wildlife of the Rainforest at Andasibe National Park and at Montagne d’Ambre National Park
  • The outer world rock formation at Tsingy of Ankarana National Park
  • Landscapes of the East and the North – including savannah, mountains and villages, as well as rice terraces
  • Vanilla and cocoa plantations
  • Life styles several tribes: the Merina, the Betsimisaraka, the Tsimihety and the Antakarana.
  • Beaches  in Nosy Be archipelago
  • Marine reserves in Nosy Be.
Itinerary outline
  • Antananarivo
  • Andasibe / Mantadia
  • Diego Suarez
  • The three bays
  • Mountain d’Ambre
  • Tsingy Rouge (the Red Tsingy)
  • Tsingy of Ankarana
  • Ambanja
  • Nosy Be Island
  • Nosy Komba Island
  • Marine Reserve of Nosy Tanikely
  • Antananarivo.

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