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What are Lemurs ?

Lemurs Island Madagascar
They are the oldest living primates on earth!. Read more

Welcome ! … Tonga Soa ! If you are planning to visit Madagascar, we are here to help. We are a Malagasy incoming tour operator, based in Antananarivo with over 20 years experience as a Destination Management Company – DMC. We are providing wildlife and cultural tours as well as beach holidays. With Cactus Tours, you will be able to choose among a wide range of flexible guided tours and vacation programs, either alone or in a group. Off-the-beaten track or on classical tours, we can propose the best combinations matching your interests, budget and trip length anytime.

Hand-crafted tours and Social responsibilities

We are acting decisively to benefit the local community and to preserve the natural environment of Madagascar, providing our Guests with innovative hand-crafted tours and ever more personalized services and creating social values. > Plan your trip to Madagascar today!


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» Custom journeys » Ecotourism vacations » Community based tours » Wildlife tours » Cultural Tours » Incentive & seminars » Educational tours » Cycling tours & holidays » Trekking expeditions » Honeymoon trips .

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As a local tour company, we are here to provide you the necessary guarantee and safety for your trip. We also have experienced team, the best logistics, expertise and reactivity to make your lifetime trip successful.