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The Western Baobab Safari
12 days

The Tsiribihina River & the Tsingy

A Journey tailored for the intrepid.

This tour focuses on three areas of Madagascar: part of the Eastern slope, the central Highlands and the midwest.

You will navigate the Tsiribihina River on a three-day river trip expedition. It’s a path less traveled, where every bend in the river reveals a new surprise, from waterfall with turquoise natural swimming pool into the gorges home of lemurs and birds into the valley of Bemaraha with its typical Sakalava villages and Baobab forest.

Marvel at the Tsingy de Bemaraha: in the labyrinth of limestone at the UNESCO-listed Tsingy de Bemaraha, find yourself in an otherworldly realm. It’s a natural fortress of vertical rocks forest, where you’ll feel the thrill of exploration, crossing suspended bridges and navigating through this unique geological wonder.

You will get the arid beauty of the Kirindy Reserve to observe more endemic wildlife then you will stroll the Baobab Avenue. As the sun sets, walk among the ancient Baobabs on the Avenue. These majestic trees, standing tall for centuries, are not just botanical wonders but silent witnesses to history, encapsulating the spirit of Madagascar.

Meet the Betsimisaraka, Merina, and Sakalava tribes through this tour. Their stories, traditions, and smiles are as integral to this journey as the landscapes you’ll traverse.

If you have extra time, you will be able to go to the sun-kissed beaches of Belo sur Mer (Extension trip) where the ocean whispers tales of yore. This seaside haven is also a diver’s paradise, offering a colorful underwater world teeming with life.

  • Wildlife safari
  • Camping
  • Meeting with local artisans
  • Minerals and gemstones workshops
  • Landscape viewing
  • Photography
  • Hiking
  • Easy climbing
  • Easy caving
  • 4WD raid
  • Cultural encountering and immersion
  • Malagasy cuisines
  • Lemurs and other wildlife of the rainforest at Andasibe/Mantadia.
  • The biodiversity of the dry deciduous forest of Kirindy Reserve and Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park.
  • Minerals and gemstones in Antsirabe
  • The Malagasy handicrafts
  • River trip on the Tsiribihina
  • The wildlife and the landscapes along the river.
  • The world heritage Tsingy de Bemaraha and the Baobab Avenue
  • Baobab forests of the three main baobab species.
  • Caving along the Manambolo River
  • The landscapes of the East, Highlands and the Western regions of Madagascar

Itinerary outline

  • Antananarivo
  • Andasibe
  • Antsirabe
  • Miandrivazo
  • Tsiribihina River
  • Belo sur Tsiribihina
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha
  • Kirindy Reserve
  • Baobab Amoureux [optional]
  • Baobab Avenue
  • Morondava
  • Belo sur Mer [optional]
  • Antananarivo.

Suggested extensions

Detailed itinerary

Arrival in Antananarivo.
You will be met at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and briefing.

Drive eastwards to Andasibe throughout the eastern slopes.
En route, visit the reserve of Peyrieras at Mandraka.
In Andasibe, visit of VOIMMA nature reserve managed by the local community.
Night walk.


Hike at Mantadia Reserve – a primary rainforest and Analamazaotra National Park


Drive back to Antananarivo then to Antsirabe.


City tour. Visit of workshops of minerals, gemstones and handicrafts. Drive to Miandrivazo.

Boarding on a private motorboat river downstream the Tsiribihina River.


River trip and safari.

River trip and safari. Drive northwards to the Tsingy de Bemaraha.

Walking safari at the Tsingy through the canyons and the rock forest.


Visit of caves of stalagmite-stalactite along the Manambolo River.
Drive back to Belo and then to the Baobab Avenue for sun-downing. Continue to Morondava for the overnight.

City tour in Morondava.
Fly back to Antananarivo.


City tour in Antananarivo. Fly homewards.

Trip notes

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Antananarivo, the Capital city.

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