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Zebu, one of the first resources of the local community of Madagascar


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Madagascar: “Part of Africa, with Asian roots, Madagascar is made of colors and perfumes. An Island that has kept an important living parts of the world’s natural history.
Madagascar has 18 ethnic groups living in harmony.
Also called the 8th continent or the Island Continent, Madagascar is most known for the very high rate of endemicity of its biodiversity. More than 80 per cent of the animals and plants you see in Madagascar is only found there and nowhere else. Madagascar is a living bank of genes for the planet. “

» Size: 587,040 square kilometers.
1500 kilometers by 400 kilometers.

» Coastline: 5000 kilometers

» Highest altitude: 2876 meters

» Time zone: GMT/UTC +3 hours

» Regime: Democratic

» Citizens: Malagasy

» Capital: Antananarivo or Tananarive (commonly called Tana)
» Provinces: Antananarivo, Antsiranana, Mahajanga, Fianarantsoa, Toamasina, Toliary.
Since 2003, Madagascar has been divided into 22 administrative regions and committed to a fast and sustainable development of the country.

» Main political vision: ” Fast and sustainable development”
» Independence day: 26th June 1960

» Ethnicity: 18 official tribes.

» Population: 25 million inhabitants.

» Religions: Christian, Traditional and Muslim.

» Languages: Malagasy with 18 dialects. French is the second language. English has also become an official language since March 2007.

» Population distribution by major provinces: » Antsiranana: 7.9 per cent » Mahajanga: 10.8 per cent » Antananarivo: 28.5 per cent » Toamasina:15.5 per cent » Fianarantsoa: 23.7 per cent » Toliary:13.6 per cent

» Main resources: Coffee, vanilla, cloves, shrimps, textile, essential oil, sugar, sapphire, raphia fibers, handicrafts, Tourism industry, export processing zone, cloths, sugar, tobacco, minerals and precious stones

» Money: Malagasy Ariary (Mga) – Rates: US$1 = Mga 4300 – Euro1.00 = Mga 4500

» Seasons: hot and rainy season from November to April; cool and dry season from May to October.

» Precipitation: from 1 to 3.5 meters per year. See >> Climate of Madagascar

» Staple food: rice, zebu meat, vegetables

» Electricity voltage:  220 V.

» Public holidays:

  • 1st January: New year
  • 8th March: Women’s day
  • 29th March: Revolution day (1947)
  • Easter
  • Wheet Monday
  • 1st May: Labour day
  • 25th May: African Union day
  • 26th June: Independence day
  • 15th August: The Assumption
  • 1st November: All Saints
  • 25th December: Christmas (half-day off)
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