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Madagascar is a huge country and traveling here could be time consuming so we shall optimize your time to allow you to take the maximum advantage of your stay. We plan the itineraries and tours suitable to your time and interests at the best rates.

With us, you can experience more and get closer to Malagasy culture and life. You might have the opportunity to attend traditional ceremonies, to have contact with local people both commoners and royalty, to ideas with village elders, to visit schools and hospitals as well as NGO’s and to become familiar with local traditional medicine.

We are trying hard to contribute to its preservation. Taking you to observe the unique biodiversity of Madagascar in its natural habitat is then our primary aim. Madagascar’s animals are not big so good eyes are necessary to spot animals. Our expert and knowledgeable guides are very helpful for that.

Our tours are for travellers of every age. We have a wide range of tours from easy classical tours to active outdoor expeditions.

We will call you “Vahiny” which means “Guest” during your trip in Madagascar. Our devoted team will take care of your stay in our homeland. Your well-being, comfort and satisfaction are our priorities. You will experience the famous hospitality of the Malagasy people through our staff first.

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“Part of Africa, with Asian roots, Madagascar is made of colors and perfums. An Island that has kept an important living parts of the world’s natural history. Also called the 6th continent or the Island Continent, Madagascar is most known for the very high rate of endemicity of its biodiversity. More than 80 per cent of the animals and plants you see in Madagascar is only found there and nowhere else. Madagascar is a living bank of genes for the planet. “

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