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The Jungle-Beach vacation – 12 days

Where the rainforest meets the Ocean.

It is a journey where the lush Malagasy jungles converge with the pristine shores of the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean. This bespoke expedition is designed with flexibility, matching to your spirit of adventure.

Venture into the heart of the equatorial rainforest and the azure marine reserves of the Masoala region. Here, in Madagascar’s largest protected area and a world-renowned biodiversity hotspot, you’ll witness an intricate tapestry of life where land meets sea.

Masoala National Park, one of the top five hotspots for biodiversity in the world., stands as the crown jewel of the Malagasy primary rainforest. Its stunning landscape is paralleled only by the hidden gem of Tampolo’s beach, nestled within the Marine Reserve. Here, the unspoiled turquoise waters offer a tranquil escape, with lush forests as your backdrop and vibrant coral reefs your underwater playground.
Your odyssey includes a wildlife safari in Andasibe-Mantadia, an unmissable haven for nature enthusiasts. Delve into this biodiversity bastion, where the echoing calls of the majestic Indri – the largest of all lemurs – beckon you deeper into their realm.

Choose your next chapter: linger in the mystical Masoala or voyage west to the sun-kissed coasts of Nosy Be, Ile Sainte Marie, Anjajavy, or Nosy Saba. Each destination promises its unique allure, from the aromatic spice plantations of Nosy Be to the whale watching escapades in Sainte Marie.

Throughout this journey, immerse yourself in activities that resonate with your soul – whether it be hiking through the heart of the rainforest, kayaking along serene waters, or delving into the cultural tapestry of the Malagasy tribes. This is not just a vacation; it’s a passage to discovering the unspoiled wonders of Madagascar.

  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Wildlife safari
  • Botanical exploration
  • Birdwatching
  • Nocturnal walks
  • Cultural immersion
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling
  • Possibility of diving
  • The deep and primary rainforest of Masoala National Park and its biodiversity: lemurs, birds, reptiles and more – and its marine reserve.
  • The primary forest and biodiversity of Andasibe/Mantadia National Park
  • The dry and dense deciduous rainforest of the western coast
  • The landscapes of the highlands and the east slope
  • The seascapes of Nosy Be/Sainte Marie and/or Anjajavy
  • The cultural interaction with the Merina, Betsimisaraka and Antakarana tribes
  • The spices plantations of Nosy Be
  • Whale-watching in Sainte Marie, if chosen
  • Whale-shark watching in Nosy Be, if chosen
  • The marine Reserve of Nosy Be / Sainte Marie and/or Anjanjavy.
Itinerary outline
  • Antananarivo
  • Andasibe/Analamazaotra
  • Maroantsetra
  • Antananarivo
  • Nosy Be or Sainte Marie or Anjajavy
  • Antananarivo

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Detailed itinerary

Arrival in Antananarivo.
You will be met at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and briefing.
Drive eastwards to Andasibe throughout the eastern slopes.
En route, visit the reserve of Peyrieras at Mandraka.
In Andasibe, visit of VOIMMA nature reserve managed by the local community.
Night walk.

Hike at Mantadia Reserve – a primary rainforest.


Hike at Analamazaotra National Park and visit of Lemurs’ Island.
Drive back to Antananarivo.


Fly to Maroantsetra. City tour and visit of vanilla workshops.
Rest of the day at leisure. Note: most boat transfers to Masoala are done only in early morning due to the state of the wind.


Early morning boat transfer to Masoala. Exploration of the jungle of rainforest. Rest of the day at leisure.
In the evening, night walks to spot nocturnal active animals.


Day at leisure at the wild and turquoise lagoon of marine reserve.


Boat transfer to Maroantsetra. Fly back to Antananarivo.


Fly to Nosy Be island. 
Day at leisure.


Day at leisure.
Excursion to Nosy Sakatia to spot sea turtles. In October/November, whale-sharks can be spotted here.

Scuba diving in Madagascar Leisurely journey by the best beaches of Madagascar

City tour and market visit in Nosy Be famous for spices.
Fly back to Antananarivo. 

Local community based tourism in MadagascarMadagascar flights

City tours and cooking-class in Antananarivo.
Fly homewards or continue to another destination.

Historical and city tours in Madagascar

Trip notes

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April to November.
- Humpback whales arrive in Madagascar around June and leave around September.
- The cyclonic season in Madagascar starts in January to end around March.

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4WD - Motorboats - Domestic flights
This tour is subject to tje timetable and schedules otherwise it can be done by private flights
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Madagascar plan

City of departure

Antananarivo, the Capital city.

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