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You can find the details in the following section: HOW TO BOOK A TOUR

Certainly, we welcome you at the airport – on arrival. You are our guests from the airport and back to the airport.

A 30-percent deposit is required upon confirmation to secure your booking. You can pay by online by credit card or by wire transfer.The balance will be required one (01) month before arrival. Exceptionally, cash can be accepted on arrival for the balance under some conditions, but this is not so much suggested.

Malagasy is the local official language but French is widely spoken. English has also become the third official language since March 2007

They are qualified and experienced. They speak fluent in English, German, Japanese, French as well as Russian

Madagascar has more than 5000 kms of coastline and therefore has many other idyllic resorts such as in Sainte Marie Island, Ambola, Sainte Luce, Anjajavy, Ifaty, Diego Suarez (3 bays), Ampasindava, Moramva Bay, amongst others.

You can draw money from the ATM in the major cities of Madagascar. Almost every 100kms. You can use Visa everywhere. For Mastercards, Dinners Club, American Express and the rest, you can only withdraw in Antananarivo, the Capital city.

You do not need to pay any airport tax.

It depends on the airline you take. For reference:

  • Air France: two pieces of 23kgs each
  • Air Madagascar: two pieces lagguage – not exceeding 46kgs.

Internal flights with Air Madagascar/ Tsaradia allows only 20kgs.

Yes, you will if you choose a classical and less difficult adventure tour. Children need to be protected against Malaria at least. You also need to consult your physician before coming.

First, you must make sure that you have an entire free page in your passport. The visa to Madagascar costs 35 € – and it is obtained at the Airport. One can also apply Evisa online.

We only offer internal flights and tours. But we can help and assist you to find the best routing to reach Madagascar through our GDS system

  • Your visa is delivered free of charge upon arrival.
  • The incoming goods free of taxes are: 2 liters of alcoholic drinks, 2 cartridges or 20 packets of cigarettes, Ar 400 000 banknotes (local currency), belongings and non commercial items.
  • CITES licence is required for fauna and flora species threatened to extinction.
  • Updated vaccination certificate against rabies is necesimages for pets.
  • Phytosanitary certificate and importation licence should be provided for the importation of plants and food stuffs. This is delivered by the outgoing country’s administration.

They are full part of our packages.

Yes we are able to help and to cater for you. The restaurants will be advised in advance. During camping, our cook will be taking care of you.Madagascar is rich in different kinds of vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Yes, you have very rich sites in Nosy Be, Sainte Marie, Ifaty, Belo sur Mer and Anakao with PADI certified monitors.

Visa card is the most used.

When using Master Card, you should be informed that only two bank accepts this card. More ATM takes Master Cards.

Union Pay is also being used recently.

Here are the maximum allowed items per passport at international departure:

  • Ar 400 000 banknotes
    1/2 pound hallmarked jewels for national residents
    2 p. hallmarked jewels for non residents subjects to the presentation of an exchange declaration letter corresponding to the jewels value
    4 p. prepared vanilla
  • 10 p. dry seeds (beans, peas,…)
  • 2 p. onion
  • 2 p. coffee
  • 2 p. pepper
  • 10 p. meat (frozen, refrigerated, dried)
  • 20 p. fish and sea foods (frozen, refrigerated, dried) that is 4 p. per species, bought from authorized stores.


Here are some particular formalities at departure:

  • CITES licence, delivered by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forestry or its agents at the airport , is required for the out taking of fauna and flora species.
  • Health certificate, delivered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries or its agents at the airport, is required for vegetables.
  • Authorization required also for precious woods and woodworks, delivered by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forestry or its agent at the airport.
  • Authorization required for precious metals and jewels through the Ministry of Energy and Mining or its agent at the airport.
  • Export declaration required for precious metals and jewels more than 1/2 pound, currency more than Ar 10 000 000.

We only provide private tours [private individual tours or private group tours.]

Our tour guides have their own areas. You might have your tour guide/leader changed depending on the trip you have chosen.

Some places have credit card machine but not all. For your comfort, it is better to have spare cash from the ATM or an exchange bureau. Euro and US$ are accepted almost every hotels/lodges but the exchange rates could be very low.

Please allow a budget ranging from 10 to 20US$ per meal depending on the location.

Contact your GP around eight weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures. For information only, most travelers takes Imodium or Dukoral.

You are advised to have adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation.

It will keep you safe from trip or a flight cancellations. It is strongly advised.

All the equipments are provided: tents, sleeping bags, matress, etc. You will only need to bring your own personnal gears.


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