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Trek in the Gondwnaland
7 days / 6 nights

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Made of a very ancient granite mountain chain and plateau, Andringitra National Park boasts 3 ecosystems: the primary rainforest, the alti-mountain areas and the savannah regions.
It has the second highest accessible peak in Madagascar (2648 meters). Andringitra is a fantastic site as it is located in the middle of the eastern humid and the dry western slopes. Many endemic plants are found there both in the dense rainforest and at higher altitudes above 2000 meters. It is a place to really admire numerous species of orchids between 1000 meters to 2600 meters: epiphytes (*) , saxicol and geophyte (*) amongst other alti-mountain vegetation. As far as its geological formation is concerned, dating by scientists show that the granite rock age is about 500 M.a and it belonged to the Gondwanaland supercontinent. Andringitra has hundreds of springs and some waterfalls supplying water to a dozen nearby big rivers. Amongst the fascinating features of this mountain are its lunar landscapes that you will discover through these day-treks.

Andringitra and its surroundings are also inhabited by very hospitable farmers. Settling between two ethnic groups (the Bara and the Betsileo), they have mixture of both cultures.

This tour a natural extension of the Combo East-Overland Great South tours – 

  • The ecotones of Andringitra
  • Orchids spotting
  • Sceneries
  • Cultural immersion and social interaction 
  • Trekking in the lunar landscapes of the Massif of Andringitra
  • Local cuisine and culinary experiences

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Cultural immersion
  • Experiencing in rural life
  • Meeting artisans
  • Photography
  • Botanical exploration
  • Mountaineering and camping at Andringitra
Itinerary outline
  • Antananarivo
  • Fianarantsoa
  • Ambalavao
  • Anja Reserve
  • Andringitra National Park
  • Antananarivo Or Tulear

Detailed itinerary

Arrival in Antananarivo.
You will be met at the airport. Transfer to the airport and briefing.

Depart to Fianarantsoa.
City tours in Antsirabe and Ambositra.

Reach the base camp at Antanifotsy.

Trekking in the mountains.


Drive to Anja Reserve and then to Ambalavao.

Continue to another destination or drive back to Antananarivo.


Continue to Isalo and Tulear or  drive/fly back to Antananarivo.

  • There is now regular flight to/from Antananarivo to Fianarantsoa 

Tour code: #TRKGDN


Trek in the Gondwanaland

Trip notes

Departure: Any day
Ease of access: Difficult
Period: April to November

  • 4WD
  • Domestic flights

Accommodation: Hotels, Lodges, tent
City of departure: Tana

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