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Trek in the Andringitra The Gondwanaland - 7 days

A combo of natural history and adventure

Nestled within an ancient granite mountain range, Andringitra National Park is a mosaic of three distinct ecosystems: lush primary rainforests, high-altitude mountain zones, and sprawling savannahs. It is home to Madagascar’s second highest peak, reaching an impressive 2,648 meters. Andringitra stands uniquely at the intersection of the eastern humid and the drier western slopes, making it a hotspot for biodiversity. The park is a haven for botany enthusiasts, especially for its species of orchids found across a vast altitude range from 1,000 to 2,600 meters, including epiphytes, saxicolous, and geophytes varieties amidst other high-mountain flora.

The park’s geological history is equally fascinating. Scientific dating reveals that its granite formations are approximately 500 million years old, harking back to the era of the Gondwanaland supercontinent. The park is dotted with several springs and few waterfalls, which feed into a dozen significant rivers in the vicinity. A highlight of the Andringitra experience is the lunar-like landscapes revealed during the day treks.

Beyond its natural wonders, Andringitra is surrounded by communities of warm and hospitable farmers. The region is a cultural melting pot, sitting at the crossroads of two ethnic groups: the Bara and the Betsileo. This blend of cultures makes their lifestyle particularly unique and captivating.

As a natural progression, this tour seamlessly connects with the Overland Great South tours, offering an extended exploration of the southern Madagascar.

  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking and camping
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Cultural immersion
  • Experiencing the Malagasy rural life
  • Photography
  • Botanical exploration


  • The ecotones of Andringitra
  • Orchids spotting
  • Sceneries
  • Cultural immersion and social interaction 
  • Trekking in the lunar landscapes of the Massif of Andringitra
  • Local cuisine and culinary experiences
Itinerary outline
  • Antananarivo
  • Fianarantsoa
  • Ambalavao
  • Anja Reserve
  • Andringitra National Park
  • Antananarivo Or Tulear

Detailed itinerary

Arrive in Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo.
Receive a warm welcome at the airport and transfer to your hotel.
Evening briefing about your upcoming adventure.

Drive to Fianarantsoa, stopping for city tours in Antsirabe and Ambositra.


Set off towards Andringitra, via the picturesque town of Ambalavao.

Arrive at Antanifotsy base camp, near the majestic Andringitra mountains.


Spend three days trekking in Andringitra National Park’s diverse landscapes.

Encounter unique flora and fauna, and interact with local communities.

Experience the authentic mountain lifestyle and natural beauty.

Visit Anja Community Reserve for an up-close experience with lemurs.

Explore the cultural town of Ambalavao, known for its silk weaving and local wine.

Your choice to extend your exploration or start your return to Antananarivo.


Continue to Isalo and Tulear or drive/fly back to Antananarivo.

Trip notes

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April to November

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Antananarivo, the Capital city.

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