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Madagascar tours
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Madagascar vacation ideas

For numerous reasons, Madagascar has unlimited travel opportunities at any period of the year for all ages, for all budgets and for all tastes under the sun and the rain.

  • Wildlife & Nature tours
  • Tropical Beach Holidays
  • Photography tours
  • Romantic voyages
  • Honeymoon trip
  • Senior tours
  • Hampback whales safari
  • Educational tours
  • Cultural tours
  • Climbing
  • Potholing
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Botanical tours
  • Business side trip
  • Overfly of sites
  • Family vacations
  • Birdwatching tours
  • Diving & snorkeling
  • River trips
  • Trekking
  • Orchids spotting
  • Windsurfing
  • Kite surfing

Madagascar Wildlife
Wildlife & Nature Tours
Welcome to the sanctuary of nature. Enjoy discovering the unique biodiversity at the best hot spots – at your own pace.

beach_holidays_in_madagascar2Tropical Beach Holidays
There are several exquisite beaches and resorts in Madagascar. Sainte Marie, Nosy Be and its satellite islets, Ifaty, Anakao, the 3 bays in Diego, Anjanjavy and Nosy Iranja are amongst the top beach destinations.

madagascar-phography-tourPhotography tours
Gorgeous and kaleidoscopic landscapes, unique wildlife and plants, beautiful indigenous faces are the samples of subjects of your photography trip.

Senior tours
Tourists of all ages can enjoy their trip throughout the Red Island. We provide tailored tours and only the best accommodations. Daily personal assistant is provided if needed.

madagascar_whale_safariHumpback Whales safari
The whales first arrives from the Antarctic around June each year. These huge mammals offer spectacular breaching shows in Sainte Marie, Antongil Bay, until late October. There is also a chance to observe them in Tuléar, Anakao, Lavanono, Nosy Be and Morondava.

educational_tour_in_madagascarEducational tours
Classified amongst the World’s top biodiversity hotspots, Madagascar is an extraordinary living school to learn about the Earth’s natural history. Besides this, this is also an opportunity to meet the rich Malagasy culture and the hospitable people. With our Malagasy specialists, experts and teachers, we provide a high level of service by offering a quality educational experience.

cultural_tour_in_madagascarCultural tours
Funeral arts and ceremonies, musical festivals, and traditional rituals and sports are specific for each of the 18 tribes of Madagascar. Rich cultural experience tours are scheduled each year. Our tours are accompanied by our historian ethnologist guides, as well as by our field specialists from local tribes.

The cliffs of Tsaranoro in the massif of Andringitra and the Montagnes des Français in Diego are two of the most appreciated sites because of the beauty of their environment.

Several grottos are worth your exploration: Ibity, Ambatofinandrahana, Anjohibe and Ankarana amongst others.

sustainable-tourism-madagascarSustainable Tourism
Give more sens to your vacations by becoming amongst the stakeholders of the local development. When using our services, you start contributing to the local development as Cactus Tours works with other local suppliers from porters in villages to the big 5-star hotels. Cactus Tours revenues are spent and distributed 100 percent locally. You can also contribute during your trip in buying products from associations and NGO’s caring children, women, etc. and from conservation organization that you will be visiting.

honeymoon_in_madagascar2Romantic voyage & honeymoon
You and your beloved will spend an unforgettable time in idyllic and special places – prepared and catered only for you.

Botanical Tours
More than 10 000 species of plants including 1000 species of orchids, Madagascar is the paradise for botanists. Ranging from the semi-desert, savannah, aquatic and rainforest, the terrains are so different and favourable for the well-being of these plants.

business_trip_in_madagascarBusiness side trip
On business trip or having only a very short time in Madagascar, you will still be able to take advantage of your stay through our 2 to 5-day ELITE programs.

snorkelling_and_diving_madagascar Overflying sites of interests
You will be able to fly over unique sites like the Tsingy and the Manambolo river, the Baobab areas, the canyons of the Makay on board a private airplane, with experienced navigators.

family_vacation_in_madagascarFamily vacations
We have developped child-friendly tours. Comfortable family rooms are available, as well as well-trained and experienced child-care staff. Children under 12 will receive a 30% discount on the rates. Make everyone happy with an unforgettable trip to the perfect destination, which is Madagascar.

bird_watching_in_madagascar Bird-watching
285 bird species have been recorded on the island. Amongst them, 120 resident species are unique to the Island. Birders will appreciate the vivid and remarkable coloration of the Malagasy avifauna.

snorkelling_and_diving_madagascarDiving & snorkeling Immerse yourself in the living aquarium which is classified amongst the best in the world. The seascapes are fascinating both in the Western and the Eastern areas with so diverse types of corals sheltering colorful fishes, among them, the marine reserves of Nosy Tanikely and Masoala. PADI instructors are available to provide assistance.

river_trip_in_madagascarRiver trip
A river trip downstream the Tsiribihina River. We operate tours in dugout wooden pirogue and motorboat with safety equipment.
Madagascar rivers are simply an opened nature reserves.

Off-the-beaten track is one of the best and ecological way to discover Madagascar. We provide quality logistics to make your outdoor life comfortable and enjoyable.

orchids_spoting _madagascar
Orchids spotting
More than 1000 species of orchids have been recorded. The blooming period starts from January to April – during the rainy season.

Not too much developed yet, this sport is getting more famous in Madagascar. Four sites are famous: Mahambo, Vinanibe, Lavanono and Nosy Ve.

Madagascar has got paradisiac hot spots for kite surfers like the Sakalava Bay and the Emerauld Bay with great winds from May to November.

“Part of Africa, with Asian roots, Madagascar is made of colors and perfums. An Island that has kept an important living parts of the world’s natural history.
Also called the 6th continent or the Island Continent, Madagascar is most known for the very high rate of endemicity of its biodiversity. More than 80 per cent of the animals and plants you see in Madagascar is only found there and nowhere else. Madagascar is a living bank of genes for the planet.