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Fiona & Steven, South Africa – December 2016
Not our first trip to Madagascar, we are familiar with the quirks and curve balls of travelling in this spectacular island. The decision to make use of local operator, Cactus Tours for a short trip to Analamazoatra and Mantadia Reserves was excellent. From the get-go, Rina our contact was efficient, organised and really helpful, fully understanding that as biologists we are interested in all things nature and exploring authentic Malagasy culture (beyond the normal). Rasolo the gentleman and exceptional driver, was a wealth of information and politely fielded so many questions, to his credit! Rémi RaTovosonina, one of the best guides we have had thus far, made our return visit to the Reserves even more memorable and is a true naturalist with extensive knowledge of plants, insects, birds and of course the charismatic endemic vertebrates. Patience, a huge virtue of his, was in abundance as we photographed every leaf and insect through the parks. Perhaps our greatest tribute to this wonderful company was Rina’s response after I had forgotten my brand new camera in the vehicle after our trip. We had already moved on to the South (and finished our services with Cactus Tours), but ten days later Rina was at the airport with my retrieved camera in hand to greet us warmly and send us on our way home. What a complete delight and way beyond the call of duty! and reaffirmed the sweet, gentle way of the Malagasy that we have come to know. We would without hesitation, recommend this wonderful company to all manner of travellers to Madagascar. The attention to detail is unexpected, the service exceptional and of course using a local operator is a must to build the local tourism industry. We are already planning a new adventure and will certainly call on Cactus Tours to help us. Veloma until the next time and for our experience, misaotra betsaka! I so look forward to meeting you again when we take our next trip! Warm regards Fiona
Risa W. – USA – December 2016
Cactus surpassed all of my expectations. They even handled changing flight schedules with minimal disturbance to our family. We asked for a lot of stops throughout Madagascar in only 8 days but Cactus managed to arrange everything we wanted to see. All of the accommodations were wonderful. We were upgraded to beautiful suites several times. Vanivola, La Varangue, and Pallisandre were just beautiful. All meals were wonderful at these hotels. Our accommodations in Kirindy National Park were very basic but appropriate to maintain a small footprint among the many animals there. All of our drivers were safe and friendly – even when they had to pick us up at 2:00 a.m. to take us to the airport! The tour guides were very knowledgeable, friendly, and spoke excellent English in addition to speaking French to my daughter. These are wonderful people who are very professional and highly skilled. We loved Madagascar and will recommend Cactus to anyone contemplating a trip there. Risa.
Janette C. – New Zealand- December 2016
The arrangements made were very good and interesting, everything went smoothly. The itinerary was good enough with free time being given. I never felt rushed when I requested to change the itinerary in Kirindy, everything was arranged with no fuss at all, it was appreciated by me. Both of my guides and the drivers on the west coast were great. very helpful and very informative. The cars were very comfortable clean and well maintained. Thank you all at Cactus Tours for arranging everything for me. A special thanks to Tahina and Ludo for making my stay in Madagascar a pleasant and memorable one. I plan to come back sometime to the whale watching so will be in touch again. Janette.
Yu-Lan H.- Hong Kong- December 2016
Flawless. Every pickup as on time/ clear. Comprehensive program arrange. Very good experience. Definitely recommend any one interested in coming to Madagascar. Wonderful landscapes and ecosystems. TRIP OF A LIFE TIME. Thank you for sharing me your beautiful country and people. I will write to the President to about road 7 and the train. Thanks Yu-Lan.
Roberta K. – Canada – November 2016
Dearest Charlie, you did an amazing job of organizing a most wonderful vacation for Mom and I. We thoroughly enjoyed everything we did and saw. The guides were good + great, the hotels were quite adequate and drivers were top rate. The itinerary was spaced so we never felt rushed and timing suited perfectly. The lunches on the beaches were delightful and we very much enjoyed the hiking through your national parks. The only negative for me was the poor quality of food in our hotel in Andasibe otherwise, all other food selections were perfectly good. We will absolutely recommend you to everyone we speak too!! It iwas a pleasure to be here and to be guided by you. Roberta.
Nicholas D – USA – November 2016
We enjoyed the itinerary that it was true to what we were told. Included exactly what we wanted. Cactus Tours exceeded our expectations. We would book again! Very helpful and communication was good. Make us feel very welcomed! Without a doubt, YES, we recommend Cactus Tours. Nicholas.
Margaret S. – Australia – November 2016
The tour was a very good selection of destinations. Ginot, our birder guide was excellent. Very passionate, knowledgeable. An asset to the company. Guy was also good but not as talkative. An expert to spot birds at their hidden nests. The cars were very comfortable. Jacko was very good and funny. Will definitely recommend you to everyone back in Australia. One of our best holidays! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. There are so many interesting places to go and see in Madagascar. Thank you.
Sue G. – Australia – November 2016
The arrangement was excellent!! Everything ran smoothly and we saw some amazing places throughout Madagascar. The hotels were fantastic! It would have been nice to go to the Blue Vanga. The timing was good- Didn’t feel too rushed and had enough time in place. Madagascar is an amazing country with so many natural beauties. It is just sad to see so much destruction of the natural environment. Ginot was brilliant – kept us well informed, was very knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful. Cactus Tours provided us with a fabulous experience of the wonderful Madagascar! As my 50th birthday gift to myself I couldn’t have chosen better! Thank you. Sue.
Sandy J. – USA – November 2016
Fabulous wildlife, lovely people! Just sad to see so much land clearing. More revegetation is needed and more environmentally sensitive agriculture. Sandy
David T. – USA – November 2016
My sister made most of the arrangements by email. Rina was very responsive and clear about the arrangements. The original itinerary was great. We also were able to modify it mid-tour due to sickness. It was very flexible. The timing was OK. It is impossible to predict traffic and the roads but when we had to arrive on time, we did. Nicholas and Nandih bot did a great job! They were excellent. I appreciate al the help we received from the staff at Cactus Tours and the little present they gave us. We absolutely recommend your company. Thank you!! David.
Andreas T. – USA- November 2016
The itinerary met all of our goals as we had set them first. We ended up making some changes. Cactus Tours did a great job handling our requested changes. Overall, this as a wonderful trip. I feel very fortunate to have seen a little piece of Madagascar. It is a beautiful country and fascinating place to visit It is very far away from where I live, but definitely worth the trip!! Andreas.
Allison and James – USA – November 2016
The arrangements were all great! The only mix up was at Le Grand Bleu but it all got worked out OK. Our favorite hotels were Couleur Café, Le Grand Bleu. We liked the others as well. The only time we were uncomfortable as in Ranomafana and Miandrivazo due to the electricity. Tahina was amazing! I would recommend him to everyone. He was experienced, helpful and caring. I definitely recommend Cactus Tours to other people. Charlie and Tahina were helpful and great to work with. Misaotra Betsaka. Thank you. Allison & James
Rebecca C. – Hong Kong – November 2016
Thank you so much to organize the trip with tight schedule while seeing most of stuff we could. The guides and drivers where all excellent. The bird guides have very strong local expertise and were very professional. The timing was also good for birding. Thank you so much. Rebecca.
Angela P. – Ecuador- November 2016
We came with no expectations and were pleasantly surprised. The west coast accommodations were the least impressive but seeing the Baobab trees were definitely worth it. Thank you for moving us when our hotel had a water cut. It was most appreciative. We most definitely recommend Cactus Tours. Angela
Marina K. – USA – October 2016
Keep up the good job and listening to your clientele suggestions regarding trip flexibility due to the client needs. Arrangement: Excellent – Hotels: Excellent – Itinerary: great, excellent – Timing: very flexible, great. For sure, we highly recommend your services. Marina
David R. – USA – October 2016
Our primary interest is wildlife photography and in this sense Madagascar is great and we would like to visit more locations in the country. Berenty was fantastic in terms of the photography and the experience. Andasibe is also good for photography but we found the whole experience too touristy and would probably not go back. Overall, we find Madagascar to be a very interesting country with very friendly people and would definitely recommend it to the more adventurous travelers. We were very happy with the arrangements, itinerary and guides provided by Cactus Tours. We enjoyed our trip to Madagascar. Berenty was fantastic and was the highlight; Andasibe was good for photography. We would like to come back and visit other parks in Madagascar (as well as visiting Berenty again) BUT the problem is that we would need to fly and with Air Mad being so unreliable. Air Mad domestic service is the main issue for Madagascar tourism. We highly recommend Cactus tours!! Thank you. David.
Claudia M. – USA – October 2016
The itinerary was well planned. Perfect for ma and of time we had. About the timing, any trip time is never enough but timing is accommodating tour our needs. The guides were excellent and very thoughtful and knowledgable including the guides in the parks. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and showing us these beautiful areas. Claudia
Eugene N. – Hong Kong- October 2016
From booking to amendment of itinerary, everything was done efficiently. Programme has been ran accordingly despite the changes of Air Madagascar flight time. The hotels were client and comfortable especially hotel near Tsingy (2 nights stay), Camping lodge at Kirindy was a pleasant surprise. The tour covered pretty much the attractions at the east & west coast of Madagascar and I manage to do and see everything as expected. The program was ran in go pace, tour guide always punctual and I have enough time to explore and photograph at all time. The endemic wildlife flora was my mine interest. The treasures in Madagascar are unique and definitely worth to visit (more than Galapagos), therefore conservations are crucial. Drivers are very experienced and I felt safe despite the challenging road condition. Guide Ludo very friendly & answered pretty much of my questions. Malagasy are extremely friendly especially at village side. Madagascar is quite safe too (not as « scary » as report by media and internet posts). Lemurs and those endemic flora & fauna are the most interesting I’ve seen so far (than Galapagos, Costa Rica, Africa main land, etc…) Thank you. Misotra!! Eugene
Maureen and Roger C. – United Kingdom – October 2016
Excellent tour company with good communications when travel arrangements had to be changed, e.g broken ferry, changes were made without having any problems. We most definitely recommend you and we already have! Maureen and Roger
Libia S. – September 2016 – Mexico
Every single arrangement was coordinated very good, very good planned and Rina always taking care of details. The hotels were very nice. People very kind and rooms always clean and nice. The best hotel was Soleil des Tsingy and very good logistics. Cactus always keeping details in order. Very good product as well and excellent agents at the office. My impression, I have to say was Bernis. He is an excellent Guide!!! He is great person, speaks good english always with me, taking care of everything and really kind person. Thank you for this great Guide. Amazing. Also I have to mention that Ben at Ankarana has an excellent english and he is full of knowledge, always want to explain everything Thank you Rina for all your support before and during my trip. Appreciate it Thanks. Libia
Lin H. – United Kingdom – September 2016
The arrangements were all very good. We very much appreciated that we met Charlie on arrival (having organized the trip and agreeing itinerary with her), on departure and, when the inevitable hiccups in such an adventure occurred there she was on the phone. Very professional and reassuring. We also appreciated the information given to us with phone numbers, items forbidden/controlled for export and a list of Malagasy words to learn. About the hotels: variable as expected from “o.k.” to “superb”. All were clean and well-staffed with lights and showers all working and there were no security issues so we were very pleased. We especially loved that there were two with Wi-Fi so that we could send messages to our children that all was fine with us and hear similar back from them. We feel we know much of what Madagascar is like and saw 27 species of lemur. Although we went for the wildlife we also enjoyed learning what life is like for the Malagasy people. Everyone we met was so cheerful. All the long journeys were longer than we had expected. In no way is this a criticism of the drivers who drove very well – but it did mean there was little time to relax afterwards. However, we wouldn’t have changed any of the itinerary even if we’d known this in advance so would prefer the times to be more accurate. We were very pleasantly surprised that we got photos of all 27 species of lemur we saw and absolutely thrilled to see aye-aye in the wild (well on Aye-aye island!). We loved that our 2 main drivers were also guides who told us much about the island and tried to stop/slow whenever if was safe as we took photos from their cars. Our tour guides: Tahina was excellent and Dorique just exceptional. I’m sure you are aware what a special person you have in Dorique but he is by far and away the best we have had in many years of this sort of holiday. We quickly felt totally at ease and secure in his company and the places he found for us to eat whilst on the road were all great. We also really appreciated that he took us to a fantastic craft shop to buy souvenirs for ourselves and our children. A truly lovely person. We chose Cactus as you took us to more of the country than the other agents we researched and we felt we’d benefit from an agency based in the country. We were so right! With the famous unreliability of Madagascar airlines I can’t imagine the other firms would have enabled us to still see everything despite cancellations of planes and boats. We had an amazing holiday and absolutely love Madagascar! Cactus looked after us really well and your team helped us see so much amazing wildlife, scenery and people. It was a shame our few days on Ile aux Nattes were not spent lying in the sun and swimming due to cloud, rain and wind so maybe we should have been on the west of the island – but we don’t blame you for what we were told was unusual weather and we still had fun together there. We loved the souvenir hats you gave us but sadly as they were too small we had to leave them. So we were delighted with the lovely mugs you gave us just before we left. Thank you. Lin.
Ashley T. – Canada – September 2016
The tour program was nice. We were alone and could decide what we wanted to do and when. – Great service – Made our honeymoon extra special. – Wonderful staff and good hotel choices THANK YOU! Ashley.
Craig G. – Switzerland – Septembre 2016
Almost completely perfect trip. Cactus Tours did everything right. Thank you! Craig
Keith T. – Australia- September 2016
I would suggest to others to save time and not visit Berenty but go to national parks near Fort Dauphin. I would visit fewer place to save time in travel and spend time in other place like Amber Mountain and Andasibe. That would go for lessening the travel to the west as well. I have a brother and a friend who are interested in Madagascar. I will strongly recommend you. You wend out of your way to solve the problem of electricity wherever possible. You truly do aim to have the client enjoy as much as possible and you take care of everything You are a great company, all employees are a credit to you. The guides performed a marvelous service. Thank you for a marvelous experience. Keith.
Lorenzo and Silvia – Italy – August 2016
We appreciate the good organization, everything were properly planned. Madagascar is a nice country, mainly for natural parks and hiking. Thank you. Lorenzo & Silvia.
Randy C. – August 2016 – USA
Charlie, As promised, here is my feedback regarding our recent 28-day tour of the south and west with Cactus Tours. Becky may decide to reply to this email and add a few comments. I’ll respond to the topics you have identified on the survey. I found the hotels to range from acceptable to outstanding. I know that we were in some very remote places with some rather basic hotels, and this was very acceptable. Some of the high-end hotels in Isalo, Tsingy and  Morondava were truly lovely and luxurious. No complaints from me! I thought the schedule was fantastic and moved at a very good pace. I had trusted you to select the great locations and activities and you did not disappoint. Some activities (like the 2-day hike in Andringita) were a total surprise to us. Good surprises. Only the Antsirabe to Kirindy day turned into a grueling long ride – but this was understandable and we knew we had this day to get to the west coast. I like the early breakfast and getting going when the sun comes up. Interests in Madagascar: I’m guessing we did 2 or 3 activities every day (take a village walk, take a walk for lemurs, take a boat ride, visit a silk home factory, visit a sapphire mine, take a hike in a reserves/park, etc) Every one of them was interesting and I do not regret a single activity. These activities are why I came to discover/experience/explore your beautiful country and people. I was 100% satisfied with Dorique and Ludo and the drivers around Morondava. I was 100% satisfied with all of the local guides. I’m glad we also got to meet the local guides. Overall this was a great 28-day tour. It all worked out rather quickly and I understand that accidents to happen. I will recommend Cactus Tour to many people! Thanks for everything!! Regards, Randy
Nancy B. and Rosha, I. – Australia – August 2016
Had great time traveling in Madagascar. Highly recommend Cactus Tours.
Rachel I. – USA – August 2016
Overall, we found Cactus very easy to work with, fair prices, and felt Rojo and Dorique were both wonderful. It has been a fantastic trip. Thank you!! Rachel
Sherry H. – United Kingdom – July 2016
All the hotels were very good. I felt safe in each one which as a single female traveler, is very important. All places were clean. Staff at each one were very friendly and accommodating. Regarding the arrangement, Rina did a great job, fulfilling my last minute request. I appreciate her patience and speediness. I like natural parks and seeing the animals in their natural habitats. Therefore, I would have preferred to skip Lemurs Island and the reptile park and tried to do more hiking in the park. The guides and drivers were very good and professional. A heartfelt thank you to all of them for their friendliness and professionalism. Made me feel safe and comfortable. Cactus Tours’ staff were overall very professional and friendly, especially for my last minute request. They helped me hit a few of the highlights of the country during my short trip and have made me want to come back (with a longer stay) to explore more of what Madagascar has to offer. Thank you everybody at Cactus Tours! Sherry.
Rod W. – Australia – July 2016
We leave Madagascar with fabulous memories of amazing wildlife, diverse landscapes, fascinating culture and warm, open people. The guides including local national parks guides were excellent. We would highly recommend Cactus Madagascar to other travelers. Rod.
Gordon L. and Jacque N. – USA – July 2016
The trip was good, accommodating to make a custom itinerary for us, and very patient with our questions and indicisiveness. The timing was adequate, weather/traffic always unpredictable in any cities, no complaints. Pierrot was very timely. Our interests on Madagascar were animals and beaches. They were great!! Pierrot and Mic were wonderful (guide and driver). I couldn’t ask before better guide, so helpful and down to earth, always willing to go out of the way to make us happy. Mic was quiet but friend, polite and great driver. Wish we had more time to learn Malagasy language and customs, Pierrot was kind enough to teach adults and kids languages basics. Beautiful country, rural areas sometimes hard to imagine what my life would be like if someone took away everything. Very eye awakening experience. Hard to see dogs/cats not take care of but understand why. Fishing villages were very intriguing. Ankify Mayor was also very accommodating and taught us a lot. Pierrot translated. Leaving with great stories to share. Can’t wait to come back. Gordon & Jacque.
Sal P. – USA – July 2016
We loved the river trip! Good variety although some stays were too long. Great wildlife viewing in places like Ranomafana and Tsingy. The vehicles were comfortable but the roads are awful… We enjoyed our time in Madagascar. Sal.
Eve C. – Israel – June 2016
All the arrangements were very smooth – happy with process and communication. Very satisfied with the hotels also. We loved all the parks and lemurs also craft stores. The guides were very courteous and professional. We absolutely recommend Cactus!! For future trips with children, plan for some wake-ups, more driving breaks and get to hotel at 4.00 or 5.00 PM for some play/free time. Otherwise, great trip. Eve.
Amee, Kellan, Kara – USA – June 2016
Charlie was very accommodating and worked with us to plan a wonderful trip. We really like the route/way it was planned. The guide was wonderful. We can’t say enough positive things about him. I wold recommend Cactus to everyone. We had a great time, wish we had more time to stay in Madagascar. Will be back to continue exploring. Amee, Kellan & Kara
Sumeet P. – Singapore – June 2016
Keep up the good work. Hope to see you again. Special thanks to our guide Hery from Tana to Tsingy de Bemaraha and Morondava). Very helpful and spot many animals – with very relevant information. We definitely recommend Cactus Tours. Sumeet.
Christine G. – Malta – May 2016
The arrangements were excellent. Rojo was was very patient and answered all my emails immediately and made the necessary arrangements after flight changes occured. Hotels where also really lovely Soa guest house had really lovely staff and excellent food. The itinerary was planned and had the major attractions covered. The timing was good as well. Could have done a bit more time in the forest the view animals in Ranomafana. All the guides were wonderful: Tahina, Ludo and Dorique were excellent. Helped us in everything. All the cars were also comfortable. We will definitely recommend Cactus Tours. Madagascar has beautiful landscapes and lovely people. Loved the scenery and culture. We really had a great time in Madagascar. It was all thanks to the lovely staff that we had which made everything possible. Would definitely recommend Madagascar as a holiday destination back in our country. Thanks for everything. Christine.
Stephen D. – USA – May 2016
All the correspondence were excellent and timely. About the hotels, all really good for their location. Isalo Rock Lodge, Vakona Forest Lodge and Famata were superb. Regarding the itinerary, since I planned it, very good for unknown. What I would do different is another night at Isalo in place of Vakona. It was also a great time to travel as tourists. All in all, a wonderful time. Stephen.
Jacqueline D. and Jerry J. – Ireland – April 2016
Very very good trip all over. Excellent Thank you all. *Misaotra* Jacqueline and Jerry.
Rolf and Beate O – Australia – April 2016
Dear Rojo, Vola and Ludo, Sorry for not writing earlier, but we had lots to do when we got back to Australia, and I wanted to pick out a few photos to send you. We’re still busy sorting all our photos (Madagascar and South Africa), and it will take a little longer to finish them all. We would like to sincerely thank you again for the wonderful trip we had in Madagascar. It was quite an experience! We appreciate in particular: – your last-minute itinerary changes, Rojo, after the original flight from Morondava to Tana was cancelled, – your expert guidance in Andasibe, Vola, and especially for getting us back to the Tana airport on time, your exciting guided walks at Kirindy, Ludo, and for arranging for the Fosa to meet us as breakfast on the last morning. We were also impressed with the friendliness of the Malagasy people (maybe some airport officials excepted), the beautiful scenery in Morondava and the Baobab Alley, and of course all the marvelleous animals we saw. Last weekend we showed some of the photos to Ewen’s parents, and we will show them to the rest of his family soon as well. It was so nice to listen again to the indri singing for us in Andasibe, and seeing the lemurs on Lemur Island climbing onto us and, of course, the fosa sharing our breakfast with us. We will send you more photos when we have finished sorting them. I may also need some help with the names of some of the lemurs and chameleons and so on. Madagascar is a beautiful country with friendly and helpful people. It has great potential for more tourism but this is hampered by the poor infrastructure (especially the roads) and access to Ivato airport. We were glad to see that there are remaining patches of native vegetation (reserves and national parks) but the deforestation of large areas is very sad to see. Misaotra and veloma! Many thanks again for a most memorable trip, and very best wishes, Rolf & Beate
Stephanie O. – USA – April 2016
Very nice hotels. Good itinerary. Enough time for sightseeing and relaxation. Thank you. I enjoyed my stay. A great adventure. Stephanie.
Kazuo F. – Japan – April 2016
Baobab is the best landscape. Gentle and polite guides and drivers. Very beautiful city. Very tasty cuisine. Very tender people. I’ve already recommended you to my friends. We spend a best honeymoon time. Kazuo.
Michelle W. – United Kingdom – March 2016
I am sorry I never gave you the feedback form form our recent holiday. We had a great time, the itinerary and hotels were all very good, especially the Belvedere Hotel on Nosy Be. The lady who owns the Belvedere Hotel was very nice.The excursion we did on Nosy Be to Nosy Komba and the marine reserve was excellent,.The guide and driver in Diego were very good. I would recommend you to other people and I am looking forward to the next holiday with you in June. Best wishes Michelle
Bill O. – Australia – March 2016
Madagascar is a beautiful country with friendly and helpful people. It has great potential for more tourism but it is hampered by the poor infrastructure (especially the roads) and access to the airport. We were glad to see that there are remain patches of native vegetations (reserves and national parks) but the deforestation of large areas is very sad to see. For sure, we recommend Cactus Tours. Misaotra and veloma !! Beate
Shrikant R. – USA – February 2016
The trip was well arranged. Everything was as advertised. Good itinerary. We did as much as we could given our limited time. Drivers and tour guides were excellent. They were knowledgeable, courteous and very much added to our trip. We certainly recommend Cactus Tours. Shrikant.
Pavel S. – Russia – December 2015
Everything was superbe ! Thank you very much. The trip was amazing. Lemurs are so nice !!! Pavel.
Risa W. – USA – December 2015
I was nervous about this tour because I was not familiar with Cactus or Madagascar. HOWEVER Cactus surpassed all of my expectations. They even handled changing flight schedules with minimal disturbance to our family. All of the accommodations were wonderful. We were upgraded to beautiful suites several times. Vanivola, La Varangue, and Pallisandre were just beautiful. All meals were wonderful at these hotels. Our accommodations in Kirindi National Park were very basic but appropriate to maintain a small footprint among the many animals there. About the itinerary, we asked for a lot of stops throughout Madagascar in only 8 days but Cactus managed to arrange everything we wanted to see. Cactus arranged our tour to meet our tight time restrictions. All of our drivers were safe and friendly – even when they had to pick us up at 2:00 a.m. to take us to the airport! The tour guides were very knowledgeable, friendly, and spoke excellent English in addition to speaking French to my daughter. These are wonderful people who are very professional and highly skilled. We loved Madagascar and will absolutely recommend Cactus to anyone contemplating a trip there. Risa Family
Derek B – USA – November 2015
Arrangements, hotels, itinerary, timing , car, drivers were all VERY GOOD. Email contact from Rina was great and very helpful. Madagascar was superb – friendly people. Memories will live long. THANK YOU. Derek
Michael C. – USA – November 2015
The trip is professionally organized and carried out. The hotels were pefect for our needs and a good diversity of styles, quite impressive. The itinerary was excellent and gave us a superb insights into local cultures and wildlife. Also timing could not be faulted. Wildife and culture which were covered to perfection. The car was reliable, comfortable and suitable to our needs. We certainly recommend you to anyone who want to visit Madagascar. Possibly our main reason for coming here was to see the wildlife but my lasting impression will be people, who must rank amongst the friendliest people on earth. Michael C.
Dr. Christo – USA – October 2015
“Birding and Lemurs with Cactus Tours Madagascar” I just completed a fantastic 3 week tour of Madagascar with Cactus tours, a local Malagasy company. This is an overall review of my stay in Madagascar. Cactus tours provided me with a customized itinerary, an English speaking guide, a 4WD and arranged for excellent local birding guides at the parks. The arrangements were excellent and they were very easy to deal with The itinerary included stops at Antananarivo – Berenty reserve – Toliara – Nosy Ve boat excursion – Ifaty – Zombiste – Isalo – Ranomafana – Mantadia/Perinet reserve – Ankarafantsika reserve – Betsiboka delta – Masoala – Tsarasaotra lake (Tana) I was absolutely delighted to see Ranomafana as most of Madagascar has been extensively deforested. It is home to 12 species of lemurs including the rare golden bamboo lemur (I saw 7 daytime lemurs and 1 nocturnal lemur on this visit). It’s quite a challenge findings the lemurs, you have to leave the main paths and scramble through vegetation and climb steep inclines to get a better look at them! More details on TRIPADVISOR. Please click here
Emily B. – USA – October 2015
Would recommend Cactus Tours and would use it again with another trip. Emily.
Eric B. – USA – October 2015
All the arrangements were smooth, better than I expected. Thank you !! All the hotels were also decent to nice and some very nice. My favorite places were Masoala, the north part of Madagascar, the Tsingy de Bemaraha, Ranomafana, Isalo and Ifaty. Oh, and Sainte Marie at Iles aux Nattes. All the drivers were good and did a great job. .. All the guides were great. They all spoke good english english and were always there to help and answer questions. Thanks.All the 4x4s were also excellent. No problem. I would a 100% recommend Cactus tours to other people !! Thank you and and thanks to Rina for doing the bookings !! My other favorite things about Madagascar were to meet the people (Malagasy) and all the scenery and wildlife. Very exotic country that is for sure. Food was also great and all the nice fruits. I don’t recommend the train but it was an experience anyway. One sad things about Madagascar is all the fires and burnings and deforestation of the country, hopefully something will change. I will recommend Madagascar to everyone…. Oh and the coffee mugs you dropped off too! Also be better if I could speak French or Malagasy. Eric. B
Allan S. – November – USA
The arrangements were perfect – very informative and timely. The lodges were excellent. No complain. The itinerary was also perfect for my needs. Given the short amount of time that I had. Time all worked according to my needs. The driver/tour guide was really excellent. I felt cared for the entire time from pick up to end. The car was also perfect for this trip. I WILL RECOMMEND YOU TO THE US EMBASSY. If you are looking for true adventure and want to be in hands of real travel experts in Madagascar – definitely go with Cactus Tours. Alan S.
Peter A. – USA – October 2015
The logistics were handled fairly well. Jacquot was very helpful, an excellent driver, and kept the van clean. Guy was pleasant, helpful, and a good bird guide. The cultural information imparted to us by the guides and drivers enhanced our experience. The local guides were without exception excellent and a pleasure to bird with. We met our objectives regarding the wildlife we saw, and enjoyed learning about the country and its people. We hope that Cactus Tours and others will advocate for conservation and preservation of the natural areas. Peter A.
Dirk G. – Germany – October 2015
The planning of the trip very excellent and met our expectations to the fullest. There were no problem during our tour with regards to timing. We liked all hotels especially the Relais de la Reine. But all other hotels that you chose for us were very good. We like the wildlife very much. On top of our list were the lemurs. You were flexible in changing our itinerary when we wanted to see more of them. We get on excellently with Rivo. We drove in a very safe way. He experienced a lot of things to us. Riveo knew what we are interested in and acted proactively. We recommend him very much. The cars are excellent and no failure along our route. We will write recommendation on Tripadvisor.
Luis R. – Spain – October 2015
Excellent tour for such a short time in Madagascar Thank you for everything and see you next time !! Luis.
Jim B – USA – October 2015
Rojo you always responded quickly to any of our many questions and were always a step or two ahead of us in terms of making arrangements and anticipating problems or adjustments. We thank you for the excellent attention you gave us particularly since we were just a small “group” of 2. Our favorite accommodations were the Relais de la Reine near Isalo, a beautiful property, and La Varangue in Tana (best of 3 hotels we stayed in in Tana). Second to that, we really liked Domaine Ambola. Even though the amenities were basic (no running water – showers, water supply and flushing toilet done with buckets of water), the location and beach were great and the rooms lovely. We wish we could have stayed two nights. The Famata resort was reasonably nice. The landscaping is lovely and the only rooms worth staying in are the “tree top” ones which you booked for us. Our room had a nice bathroom and shower, the lodge had various outdoor amenities and a lovely staff. We enjoyed our time there. With La Varangue, we appreciate that because we didn’t wish to tour Tana on our last day, you arranged for a room upgrade instead. It was the perfect place to be at the end of a long trip and was very relaxing and enjoyable prior to our departure. We enjoyed the property, the room, the staff and the excellent restaurant. The guides were all good but some stood out more than others. The guide you selected for our bird watching in Tana was excellent. He was the most knowledgeable and passionate guide with bird watching experience we had on our entire trip. His English was quite good. We think our bird guide in Tana could make a career of traveling around the country training guides in the finer points of wild life guiding. We were also impressed with how quickly you responded to our request at the beginning of our time in Madagascar with hardly any advance notice. We are impressed with your resources. Vonjy was also excellent. His English was quite good and he was socially relaxed and interesting to converse with. Florisse was Vonjy’s choice for us so a big plus for Vonjy. We think the guides in Zombitse and Tsimanampetsotsa do not receive as much training as other guides and could benefit by more training. The guides in Zombitse and Tsimanampetsotsa are trained in bird and animal identification and scouting but they follow the set plan along the trail and don’t deviate much from a formula approach Yes, we will be glad to recommend you to any of our friends who might be interested in planning trips to Madagascar. Thanks again for your excellent service and attention to our needs. Janice & Jim B.
Patel Family – USA – October 2015
All lodges were well selected and tour planed well by Charlie. All were EXCELLENT and BEST & BEYOND our expectation. The itinerary was excellent to expore all areas and experience Madagascar. Well done. Our guide Onja had very good personnality and very hospitable. Yes, we positively recommend Cactus Tours. Everything worked out to our expectations. And ten areas of Madagascar was beyond our imaginations. And very special thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Charlie for the arrangements and guidance during planning. Madagascar has a lot to offer and natural beauty. Patel Family – USA
Sarah T. – USA – September 2015
Outstanding arrangements. RINA WAS VERY QUICK TO RESPOND with good information. All the hotels were VERY GOOD. The itinerary was EXCELLENT. We highly recommend taking the south to north route instead of vice versa. Spotting for the animals is wonderful and being able to touch them in the north was the best idea. We would have liked an extra day at Ifaty and Palmarium in the Pangalanes. We loved the boat trip on the Pangalanes. Wow, Ludo is the best guide we have ever had in 20 years of Travel. Tahina was an excellent driver as well. He took very good care of us, was personable and very professionnal and made us feel special.The vehicles were all excellent. I plan to write to trip advisor for recommendation. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Sarah & Robert T.
Yael S. – Israel – September 2015
Great trip ! The places we visited were very interesting. The drivers and guides were very nice ! very responsible tour guides. Excellent car. Yes, we will recommend you to our friends and families. We enjoyed our trip with Cactus very much.
Keith M . – USA – August 2015
All the arrangements were fine. We loved Relais de la Reine, La Varangue in Tana and Calypso in Tamatave. The itinerary was great except from the camping at Nosy Mangabe. The timing was fine. The only issue was Air madagascar, were we were lucky no flights were cancelled, only one time change. We loved seing the animals especially the lemurs. The Tsingy and parks sceneries were fantastic. The people are warm, kind and friendly and helped as as much as they can. We loved the trip !! Thank you. Read more at Cactus Tours’ Blog …
Falk E. Germany – August  2015
The arrangements were done very easily via email. Quick answers, fulfilled our wishes. Good value for money. Thank you for the organisation. Everything went well. We enjoyed your country a lot. Hopefully Air Madagascar will work better. All the best.
Dalisay C. – Philippine – July 2015
We definitely recommend you. Keep up the good works! Preserve the beauty of your country and save the lemurs!!
Kelly M. and K. M – USA – July 2015
Rojo did a fantastic job on our trip. Thank you so much. She took care for all of our needs. We apprecaite her very much. Thank you – thank you!! Every place we stayed as great. Especially in Tana and of course Isalo. It was like a castle. We felt like queens!! Love everything!! We saw so many animals. Go sooo many photos. We were so lucky to see everything with no rain. Great weather! YES, YES, YES, we recommend you to other people. We will tell all our friends how wonderful Cactus Tours treated us on our tour. Thank you for being so accommodate especially in light of the airline. Madagascar is at the very top of our list of place we have visited!! We have travelled over 50 countries and Madagascar has the spectacular scenery, friendly people, wonderful staff, something new  and interesting around every corner. WOW!! And we din’t even go to the North! There must be a lot more. All the local guides we also friendly and knowledgeable. We love Cactus Tours and Madagascar!!
Crispin D. – Philippine – July 2015
Thank you so much for providing us with great memories of your beautiful country Madagascar. My brother and i are now back to reality in the confines of our home here in the Philippines.  We will definitely recommend your tours for our friends specially now that there is now a new consciousness in our group of friends and family about Madagascar as we featured the marvelous photos we took and uploaded on our respective Facebook pages. I am hoping we will encourage more Filipinos to visit your country.
Allister F. – USA –  June  2015
The trip was very well arranged. Charlie was very responsive and provided responses to my emails in a timely manner. Also due to Air Madagascar strike, Charlie was able to re-plan the trip. We will definitely need to visit again to see the sites we didn’t go to see on this trip. Thanks Allister.
Barry D. – Germany – June 2015
The arrangements were excellent. We were well taken care of from the moment we landed up to the moment we departed. The hotels were all outstanding and several lodges seemed to be the best available in the region. The itinerary, as we had discussed with Cactus Tours beforehand was all we had hoped for and more. It matches our expectations perfectly. Although many sites and guides said that we should visit in Sept-Nov, we found June perfect: no crowds (we were often the only guests) – the temperature was great (not too hot) and no insect. The wildlife was as exciting as expected and we saw lots of lemurs, chameleons, birds (100 species), and Baobabs Our guide was fantastic.One of the best guides we have ever had. Very knowledgeable and always happy to answer our questions but didn’t drive as crazy with talk all the time. Always happy to stop when we asked. We were overall very happy and impressed with everything – and for such a good price. We will recommend you to everyone. The trip was all we hoped for and more. We were a bit concerned about June vs. Oct, but in the end, the advantage of the off-season more than compensated for the few birds we may have missed. Thank you.
Nancy J. – United Kingdom –  June 2015
The arrangement was excellent, especially changing everything at very short notice due to the strikes of Air Madagascar. The hotel were all fine, just as we requested except Vanivola – no beach but Les Lemuriens was gorgeous. The staff at Vanivola was excellent. The itinerary was changed but very happy wit the first itinerary and also happy with the suggested changes. We will recommend you highly to all our friends and recommend on social media. Thank you so much Rina for all your help with our holiday. We appreciate all the extra work you had to do for us. We’ve had a truly fantastic time in Madagascar! Thank you. Thank you . Thank you!!
Doug L. – USA –  May 2015
Every thing was great, will list any issues below. One thing I would suggested mention that there will be a driver and a guide at all times. This was great and a real value, we did not know about this until we got there. The Itinerary was great, there was a lot of moving around but I think that is part of Madagascar. Everything ran on time, (even our flights once they were really confirmed), our guides were always timely and they stuck to the schedule. The drivers were all very good drivers – The tour guides were great, very knowledgeable, they always went into the hotels with us to make sure everything was perfect, mamy is a great chef. He made us some of the best meals we had during our trip. Cactus Tours / Ravaka – Listens to what you want to get out of your trip, she then designs a custom trip based on your input, adding her expertise. From there, your feedback is used to make the trip the best possible. Cactus Tours / Ravaka then communicates to all the people you will be dealing with, (Guides, Drivers, Hotels, etc) what your expectations and needs are (dietary issues) and the trip will meet or exceed your expectations.  From the level of accommodations to the level of activities you want to do, Ravaka looks at every detail and make sure it is all perfect. We absolutely recommend you.
Jaclyn P. – Australia – February 2014
Everyday was well organised. Our tour guide was extremely capable and well organised according to scenarios. I am very happy with al hotels an staff. All very clean and accommodating of my eating requirements. The itinerary was well paced. Not too busy but I feel as though. I got a great tour. I am impressed that the car could go 4WD. Was well maintained and very clean each day. Definitely, I had a wonderful trip. Thank you to the team especially Dorique and Charlie. My trip was one I will never forget and I look forward to coming again.
Jean P. –  South Africa – April 2014
Thank you for this wonderful experience. Madagascar is unique and perhaps, you should stress its uniqueness, from the absence of major predators to the presence of unique species of flora and fauna. We were met with courtesy, and guided throughout the trip with efficiency and diplomacy. The hotels were friendly and clean. Regarding the timing, Cactus never missed a beat. We wish we could have longer vacations so that we had more time to spend in the parks. We unreservedly recommend Cactus Tours.
Sanjida  K. – South Africa – April 2014
Manda did an excellent job, helping with the arrangements. All hotels were basic to midrange. Great job overall, thank you Manda for a job well done!!
David S. –  USA – May 2014
Thank you for your flexibility in working with me to arrange the perfect itinerary.  We were not rushed and got to see a lot of things in a limited time. I know there’s a lot more to see, I hope I can come back some days. Glad we broke up the drive from Palmarium to Tana by stopping at the reptile farm. The tour guides were top notch! Very flexible. I absolutely recommend your company. Feel free to use us as a reference. The tour was well organized and thought out. Rojo was flexible and helped guide one at the best vacations I ever had. David
Phillip H. – Australia – June 2014
The best National Park visited was Tsimanapetsotsa- some magical moments. We loved the Lemurs, Chameleons, birds and the ever changing landscape. YES. Dianne & I have no hesitation to talking to/corresponding with anyone wanting to travel on a Cactus planned itinerary. Madagsacar was one of the best overseas trips that Dianne & I have done.
Deeta S. – United Kingdom –  June 2014
The arrangements were very well organised and communicated. We especially loved La Varangue 4/5 love the historical feel – friendly staff and clean. The timing was very good. Never felt rushed, Gave us time to relax on our time. The trekking in the forest were excellent. Tour guides were very good. Many thanks to Justin. Friendly, honest, reliable and fun. Made our trip memorable. Definitely, we recommend your service. Good value for money, expertise and guidance. Many thanks for a unique experience and our first steps into African culture. e will visit again soon. Wishing you al the best for the future.
Ralph A. – Canada –  June 2014
Good morning Rojo, thanks again for a great trip. The attention we received  was amazing. I would really like to give you a favourable review on Tripadvisor. Say hello to your staff for us, it was really a spectacular trip!
Rogers K. – Australia – June 2014
We chosed your tour from the internet because you were very warmly responsive to our questions and concerns. We absolutely recommend your company. We appreciate Rojo and her personal contact with us, especially when our flight was cancelled.
Anne V. – Australia – July 2014
All the arrangements excellent. Everything ran smoothly. The hotels were very clean and comfortable and very flexible enough to accommodate Annie. The itinerary was wonderful. Great balance of scenic places, opportunity to see flora and fauna and be immersed in the culture and contact with local people/ The timing suited our needs – not too fast and not too slow and able to adapt as requried. The drivers and tour guides were excellent. Worked hard to satisfy our need ; very safe drivers which inspire confidence ; friendly and knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Absolutely, we recommend your company. Thank you for the wonderful memory and for such an exciting experience.
Adam H.  – USA – July 2014
The arrangements were very well planned out. We loved the hotels. The itinerary is well done, only we are not athletic enough to do both the Big Tsingy and the Small Tsingy on the same day so we skipped the Small Tsingy. The Tsigny was worth the climb and the Baobab at sunset was fantastic!! Eric, our guide was also fantastic! We like that he so politely interested at the locals so there was no trouble and we never felt unsafe. Madagascar is a beautiful country with beautiful people
Julia S. – Australia – September 2014
Our tour was booked from Australia, correspondance was very prompt, last minute changes (extra person) were handled swiftly and without issue. The Green Club with massage was really great. Great journey, great service and great knowledge.
Cantay G. – Turkey – September 2014
Amazing country. I hope that you’ll conserve your country as it is. We surely recommend Cactus Tours. It was nice for us to meet your agency and their staff. Serious agency!! We loved your country. You are unique!! As they say in the world, you are the 8th continent. We can understand that people need the forest to survive but if Madagascar want to remain unique, you  have to preserve your country.
Melia W. – Australia – September 2014
Thank you for organising such a memorable trip for us. We had a great time.
David L. – Dubai – August 2014
We had a wonderful and amazing 22 days. The experiences and adventures were great and Madagascar is just a beautiful and rich country. Its beauty, wildlife and sea life need to be preserved, cared for and protected… The whale watching was just AWESOME and we were so lucky  We had an amazing show.
Kim d. G. – USA – September 2014
The arrangements were good, prompt feedback via email and all the questions were answered. Amazing tour. Thank you for everything!!
Abishek  E. – Thailand – September 2014
Everything went according to plan and we are so happy. We were very excited to see the beautiful nature. Madagascar can attract more tourists if some roads are improved and if it can be easier for english speaking travelers. Malagasy people are very friendly and polite.
Kirit K. –  USA – October 2014
The arrangements, hotels, timing, car were excellent. Driver/tour guide – Excellent 10/10 both. We certainly recommend you. NEXT TOUR WITH YOU!!
Rimvydas  K. – Lithuania  – October 2014
Everything was arranged perfectly and the recommended tour met our expectations completely.  Thank you very much for an unforgettable holiday, full of great memories and experiences.
John M. and Connie L. – USA  – October 2014
Thank you and your staff for everything.  We had a wonderful time and will recommend Cactus Tours to all of our friends who are considering a visit to Madagascar. There were 140 species of birds in Madagascar that we wanted to see and we saw 109 of them.  Pretty good. You selected the very best birding locations in the country and Vongy did a great job briefing the local guides as to what we wanted to do and which species we wanted to see. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more conscientious or more professional guide than Vongy.  He seemed to know which local guides would suit our personalities.  He is also a very safe, careful and considerate driver.  He was invaluable as a birding guide, too, a talent you should help him develop. We already have recommended your company.  A friend is planning a trip to southern Africa and Madagascar next year and is very happy with our report.  I am certain she will book with Cactus Tours. We prefer to travel independently, totally on our own, but this is impossible in Madagascar.  If we must use a tour company we prefer to use someone local, not from South Africa or the UK.  Your service was wonderful, the little extras were much appreciated, and your willingness to customize lodging to our comfort level and economy was good.  Thanks for 19 days of great memories.
Lorna M.  – USA – October 2014
Everything were excellent! I appreciate the plans that were made for us with very little advance notice. We enjoyed the variety of hotels. All were clean and comfortable. The itinerary was very good. There was a good balance between activities and « down tim ». In retrospect, though I wish I had requested tours of Antananarivo and Diego Suarez for the last evening. Madagascar is amazing! All the tour guides and drivers were very good. We especially want to thank Raissa who put in a lot of extra effort to make sur that we was entertained and comfortable. Hery in Tana was also excellent. The only problem was the transfer in Nosy Be but that worked fine in the end. Overall, we were very impressed with Cactus Tours and I will tell friends that you are a very easy company to work with. Thank you!!
Cody C. –  USA – October 2014
Everything was perfect. Every request were met beyond our expectations. The hotels were very comfortable and clean. We were happy to be able to do laundry on our last night. The itinerary was custom tailored to our specific interest. Everyone was punctual and even early in some cases. This vacation was a dream come true. I don’t know how I could possibly find a better vacation in the future. I will be back more times!!
Christa E. & Andrea P. – Austria – October 2014
This tour program was perfect. Rojo is a very good manager. She changed our flight for one day more in Antananarivo. Madagascar is a beautiful country. Thank you for this beautiful 30 days. Cactus Tours is simply the best tour operator.
Nicole K. –  South Africa – November 2014
The arrangements were lovely. So helpful by email and phone. It coudn’ have been better. The hotels were great. The itinerary were also perfect, especially the trip to Morondava! We particularly like Antonio’s knowledge and stories. All were fantastic. The 4x4s were really great. We definitely recommend your company. The trip was near flawless. Thank you. It was definitely an adventure, Malagasy people were so kind and welcoming. Thank you so much for making this trip possible!
James T. – USA – October 2014
We were extremely pleased with Cactus and the various guides, drivers and other staff. They were all as helpful as they could possibly be. Not meaning to downgrade anyone else, I would like to cite our guide in Masoala, Alden, as absolutely first-rate. I was also pleased with the itinerary and that Cactus adjusted so well to the vagaries of Air Madagascar. One change that I requested when we were initially working out the itinerary, i.e., to be in Kirindy during the first week in November, proved to be good move. Not only did we see at least 4 different fosas, but we saw them mating (including decent photos). We were told that there are only two female fosas in all of Kirindy and that they each mate for a 12-hour period once a year sometime during the first week in November with a series of males. So we were indeed fortunate. Best wishes to you and the continued success of Cactus! Sincerely James T.
Scott H. – USA – December 2014
Although my trip took place 10 months ago, the potent magic of Madagascar is still with me.  My pulse was racing almost every minute my eyes were open!  Even now, its legacy looms over all future travel-planning — what new adventure can match the time I had in the land of the Malagasy, which offers enough variety in its landscapes and wildlife to satisfy almost anyone’s idea of beauty?  The depth of what I experienced, I think, was in no small part due to the wonderful folks at Cactus Tours, who did an outstanding job of managing the unexpected and asynchronous episodes that mark travel in Madagascar. The idea of a guided tour had never appealed to me, but it’s hard to imagine not engaging the services of an outfit like Cactus for long stretches of the journey through Madagascar, which included spending significant time crisscrossing the island via jeep, boat, plane and, best of all, two feet.  We camped under magnificent skies, scaled the second highest peak on the island, snorkeled crystal waters and hiked through dense mountain forests both day and night to see all the incredible creatures that populate the island.  Trust me, you can’t see a tiny giraffe-necked weevil gnawing on the underside of a leaf when you’re bouncing down a gravel road at 20 mph, you can’t memorize all the different customs associated with each of 18 tribes, and you can’t scour the high branches in search of the tiny mouse lemur while navigating the uneven ground of pitch dark rainforest pathways — but your Cactus guides can! All the guides and the vast network of contacts Cactus has in remote areas were interesting, friendly and helpful.  Rina and others were extremely patient during the planning period in which I reconfigured my itinerary numerous times over the course of several months.  They accommodated every custom request, made quality recommendations and built in safeguards to ensure we weren’t thrown too easily off schedule. Traveling through and to the more isolated national parks in the shoulder season was not always easy, and most visitors will encounter their fair share of hiccups, but I would not trade my time in Madagascar, nor would I hesitate to book again with Cactus
Henri and Anaruth B. – United Kingdom – October 2013
We loved our trip to Madagascar.  The people are very friendly.  Of course, the lemurs are the big attraction in the first place and they were spectacular. Many thanks for all of your efforts.  I would certainly recommend you if the opportunity came up. It was nice to meet you in person. We love the momentos: the hats and the coffee cups. Thank you.
Jeanette B. – South Africa – September 2013
Our wildlife visits and travel arrangements were exceptionally well organized. The hotels were excellent. The tour guides were very accommodating. The cars were also excellent. Thank you for a fantastic experience! We will come back and will use your service again. Jeanette B.
Ngaire – Denmark – September 2013
I will definitely recommend your company. Everything went very well. My only concern would be the state of the road. Something the government needs to do something about. Ngaire.
Betty – Australia – July 2013
The arrangements were very good and the driver and guides made sure when we had changes. Everything was done to make the change. We had wonderful hotels – Andasibe Hotel was magnificent. I really liked. The service was outstanding. The timing was excellent. Wish I had the time to have a longer stay. Both Haja and Dezy were excellent guides. The transportation is great considering the condition of the roads. It was the perfect transportation. Everything was just wonderful. I really got to meet the wonderful people the last 7 days. I really enjoyed the food as well. The selected restaurants were excellent – All of them. I really wish I had more time but I got to see the lemurs which was a wonderful experience. I definitely will return to see more of Madagascar. Thank you for your wonderful itinerary and mostly your hospitality your country gave to me.
Dell G. – Australia – July 2013
Planning and finalizing the 35 days customized journey was very well executed. All hotels though of differing standard were very acceptable and they were clean. The staff were efficient and the food was good. All the guides and drivers did superb job. The cars well all very good. Yes, we will recommend you. Thanks for arranging us a perfect itinerary. Dell.
Vera L. – Australia – July 2013
Rina was quick at responding to emails and people were always in the right place at the right time. The hotels were great – the majority were much nicer and of a higher standard than we were expecting. The itinerary was as expected and we did everything as detailed. Cover the length of time we had in Madagascar we saw a great deal. At the times our trip seemed a little rushed but we understand that this is due to our tour limited time in Madagascar and the amount we wanted to see. But our trip covered everything we wanted to see and more. Our drivers and guides were brilliant. Always on time, polite and helpful. We had a great time with them. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The vehicles were good and comfortable with a 4WD. Yes, we would recommend Cactus Tours. Everything for us has worked brilliantly and we have had a great time. Everyone at Cactus has been great and have gone out of their way to help us. Thank you to Rina and Mamy for sorting out our missing luggage and thank you to doring for entertaining us in Tulear when our flight was delayed. Thank you also for organizing an extra trip to Ambohimanga. We really enjoyed it. Our guide was excellent. We have had an amazing Honeymoon. Thank you Vera and Tom.
Emoto M. – Japan – July 2013
Everything was great as all the staff from Cactus Tours are really helpful and always get ready for any happenings. Most of accommodations are comfortable and great. Although the itinerary was changed due to the sudden change of flight schedule, it was perfect to explore this exotic country. We were most interested in the mixture of African and Asian culture, unique plants, trees, animals, amazingly beautiful ocean – great hospitality of Malagasy people. I just feel I am so lucky to choose Cactus Tours for my trip agent. Ms. Charlie is an arranger of our trip. She provided useful information and advices to us and supported us from the beginning till the end of our trip with patience. Herewith, I would like to extend my appreciation to all people who supported us. I wish to come to Madagascar again in the future! Emoto M.
Gordon L. UK – June 2013
We found Madagascaer very interesting, plenty to see and do. We especially enjoyed the wildlife. Berenice was exceptionally an excellent guide. Our other tour guide Dezy was also very patient – understanding which was really appreciated. We love Madagascar ! A great place to visit and we had a wonderful 4 weeks. Cactus Tours did a good job. We already started recommending you. Thank you to all your staff who worked so hard. Gordon & Deborah A.
Carl and Pam S. – USA – June 2013
Charlie’s professionalism and patience very much appreciated. Thanks for all the attempts to get Air Madagascar to change tickets. The arrangements were good. Appreciate the time and attention given to designing a tour to accommodated all we wanted to see. Thank you !! Carm & Pam
Sarah B. – USA – May 2013
All the arrangements were excellent. Everything went very smoothly. The hotels were clean, comfortable and had a good ambiance. The itinerary was also excellent. You did a great job of satisfying all our requests. The time we spend with Sylvain was particularly useful. The cars were very good . It handled the rough roads very well. We will absolutely recommend you. You did an excellent job from the start to the finish and everything ran very smoothly. Thank you so much for everything. Sarah B.
Brenda K. – UK – Mai 2013
All the hotels were very good. But LA VARANGUE was excellent… The food out of this world. Eulophiella was lovely too, and staff very helpful and friendly. SATRANA was out of this world…. Absolutely magnificent . Baboo Village we also loved. Sous LE Soleil de Mada was also lovely, and Bridget and her husband were excellent hosts The itinerary was Fantastic…. So diverse, and so interesting…. We can highly recommend you. We loved it and could have stayed longer in Madagascar. Loved Madagascar… The lemurs, the wild life, the people. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Had a truly wonderful time. We would love to come back. Bernice was absolutely fantastic. Lucerno was also very good. Our driver on the second tour was average. Absolutely amazing, fantastic, wonderful, magic holiday. Our best ever. Thanks so much. Brenda.
Maria G. – Australia – April 2013
All the tour arrangements were very well handled and we arrived in Madagascar knowing that we were going to be taken care of. The itinerary was very full and everything worked seamlessly. Everyone had perfect and never late. There are too many interests to list in Madagascar but firstly the wildlife in its unique diversity is incredible. Our driver Vonjy was great. I have travelled to 47 countries and so far he is the best driver we ever used. First impressions of the car were very good and spacious. We will definitely recommend Cactus Tours Madagascar tour others. A great full tour package. We have both enjoyed our honeymoon very much with all the special little surprises thrown in. I’d like to thank everyone at Cactus Tours who made our tour so magical. Brilliant!
Lothar M. – South Africa – March 2013
Everything was professionally done. Keep up the good works. A very enjoyable trip. Thanks for having us. Lothar.
Anna P. – Russian – January 2013
I want to say you and your team thank you for our unforgettable trip! We were agreeably surprised your high professional work and efficient organization! Thank you very much for: 1. detailed describing our schedule of trip; 2. uninterrupted transfer in spite of traffic jam, the cars are good; 3. very cleaver and interesting guides; 4. your choice of places for our visiting is perfect for understanding of wild world and life of Madagascar. In Antananarivo, La Varangue is an amazing hotel. Friendly and welcoming. Great menu in the restaurant. Restaurant is excellent. Room is clean and nice decorated. Right choice of this hotel! In Andasibe as well. We woke in the day and night to the amazing places of Indri. Unforgettable! It would have been nice to spend more time here. This hotel have a problem with electricity, it is not comfortable. Food was ok. The location is beautiful, lovely. The room is very large with large verandas and outside chairs. At Palmarium: very praiseworthy hotel. Staff were good, friendly and smiley. Food was very good. Lovely room. Location was nice. The park is great for seeing lemurs. The lake is beautiful. Very interesting trip by boat. But electricity and hot water are only from 6 p.m. to in the middle of the night. It is not enough because of the camera was discharged. In this hotel we can see a lot of lemurs, geckos. We have a beautiful fotos from this place. Right choice of this hotel! I would highly recommend this hotel! Separate THANK our Russian speaker guide! He is very cleaver, tactful, punctual, good interlocutor, professional and interesting guide! At Anjiamarango: This lovely family hotel is the best hotel we stayed in over our 2 weeks trip! Very comfortable, romantic. The bungalow is nice with a stunning view of the sea. Exceeded our expectations. The food was perfectly, fresh delicious. Breakfast was fantastic. The service was at all times. The pool area is beautiful. The hotel and grounds are clean.
Eyal and Nitzan- Israel – September 2012
Now, when we are back in our routine, we would like to thank you and “cactus tours” team for a wonderful trip in Madagascar. from the first Email until the flight back home, Everything was well organized and on time and even when something unexpectedly went wrong, you mange to find for us the best solution. All the guides, drivers and others were welcoming and very nice and the hotels you picked for us were stunning. We didn’t know much about Madagascar before we came and thanks to you we discovered an amazing country with amazing people. sincerely, Eyal and Nitzan
Niels and Dorte J. – Denmark – August 2012
Thanks for the little present we received as we arrived to our day room at Savanne Club. We had a good flight back home to CPH via CDG. Today is first day of work after our wonderful vacation in Madagascar. Everyone at my work is asking with sincere interest about Madagascar, about wildlife, how the people look like, climate, food. I think I have to make a short slide show presentation . Thanks so much to you and Parany and the rest of your staff who have given us great service during our stay! We wish you and everyone at Cactus and Madagascar lots of prosperity. Niels & Dorte – Copenhagen
Styles Family- Australia – June/July 2012.
Customized 35-day tour around Madagascar focusing on wildlife and scenery/culture. 4 persons We couldn’t have asked for more !. We are in our 60,s and very well travelled but did not really not know what to expect here. However everything exceeded our expectations. Made more so by the excellent arrangements made by Cactus and the hands on and helpful attitude of all their staff. Accommodation chosen right around Madagascar was perfect and we were very surprised at the excellent meals provided at even the most remotest accommodation. We chose a half board plan which I would strongly suggest. Air Mad. made quite a few last minute changes to our 5 flights but Cactus managed these very well for us, even to the extent of meeting us in one location,mid leg of a 3 leg flight, and taking us for lunch while we waited for a delayed flight. Just watch that you have some leeway between critical flights as this is a common occurrence in Madagascar. Drivers and guides were again excellent and extremely helpful even well above and beyond their duties. They ensured our trip flowed smoothly and ironed out any wrinkles very very quickly. We stayed in some amazing places and saw heaps and heaps of wildlife. What more can I say, I would heartily recommend Cactus to any prospective clients and quite happy to share our experiences of the trip if anyone likes.
Allyson and David A. – July 2012 – Australia
David and I had a wonderful time in Madagascar.We loved our travels in Madagascar and look forward to coming back. Cactus Tours is a terrific company and we would definitely travel with you again. It was the best holiday we have ever had – all the connections worked well, Madagascar is a beautiful country, the wildlife was astonishing and the long drives enabled us to see so much of Madagascan life. We really encourage Australians to travel there. Thank you for making our holiday so inspiring.
Giles and Andreatta B. – Australia – July 2012
2 – Thank-you for your follow up email. Yes we are safely home with wonderful memories of our trip to Madagascar. We will certainly be recommending Cactus Tours to our family and friends but most importantly for you, to W. E. Thank-you again. Regards Giles Andreatta — 1- Appreciated being able to arrange a 12-day tour with one day’s notice. All the hotels are all very good quality. Regarding the itinerary, a good pace with a good range of things to see and experience. Everything were all on time, and enough time for experiences. All the drivers weere excellent – always felt safe. Really appreciate Rhodin, being assigned to us for his knowledge and ability. Yes, we will recommend you, of course. Thank you. Giles and Andreatta.
Penny and Michael R – UK – July 2012
Charlie was very friendly and informative. We appreciated she revised the itinerary to accommodate our timetable + wishes. Also very helpful regarding credit card payment. We were very pleased with mix of the activities and workshops, etc. The trekking in Andringitra was amazing! The timing was perfect. We would have loved to stay in some places longer, but wouldn’t have given up any other part of the tour. The tour just fulfilled our wishes – saw lots of wildlife, the different environment, and landscapes. The tour also included things we wouldn’t have otherwise seen.` The car was good, clean, comfortable and spacious. The diver/guide was excellent. Always on time, polite, friendly, really helpful, very knowledgeable, good English, we always felt safe. Definitely, we will recommend Cactus Tours. I don’t think we could have seen as much or done as much otherwise. Thank you very much for making this an amazing holidays! We have had a wonderful time + we hope to return to Madagascar soon!
Charles. – UK – July 2012
All the transitions, pick-ups and transports were completed smoothly even following our delayed flights from London/Nairobi. Excellent choice of hotels and varieties – in lovely location. The itinerary was completely met our needs – it provided good opportunities to see as much as possible in our short space of time – allowed for the diversity of from  the East vs. West. The timing was always good – always demonstrating consideration. The drivers and tours guides were all excellent, considerate and ensured we saw and experienced as much as possible. Good company. YES, YES, YES, – we will recommend you. So many highlights for us. Starting from the lemurs on the River and finishing with sightings of humback whales in the Indian Ocean.- Wonderful hospitality, scenery, wildlife, flora & fauna— on hope that Madagascar will market itself well to the world. Reap the benefit – we will certainly remember Madagascar with great affection.
Anna S. – AEU – July 2012
We had a really good time in Madagscar and would like to thank you for organizing such an amazing trip. We will definitely come back. Anna
Sanha – Group Tour – Korea- June 2012
This is just to let you know that our group came home last weekend. I sincerely appreciate your great efforts and best service for our group as always. Thanks with Best regards, Joe
Joanne & David M. – June 2012 – Australia
We got back to a cold and wet Sydney safely and securely and would like to thank you for organising our trip. It was a wonderful experience for us and Njarra worked really hard to fit our unusual requirements into the programme. We trust that he got back to Tana safely with the beautiful vehicle unscathed. We had a wonderful time and would certainly recommend Cactus Tours to any of our friends who intend visiting Madagascar. Best wishes for the future, Joanne and David M.
Considine Family – Australia – June 2012 –
We must thank yourself, Rhodin, Bemer and Cactus Tours for a wonderful trip. However, I think we still owe Cactus Tours for the last night of our trip at La Varangue. If you could arrange it, we could pay for it by credit card as we have previously done. Best regards, MC

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