Accommodation standards – tented camps

Mandrare River Camp

Set overlooking the river and a golden sunrise, the fully equipped, bespoke tents allow you to relax, sleep well and invigorate your soul. The ornate wooden furniture in each tent is individually hand carved to depict a different local wildlife theme: Chameleon, Lemur, Gecko, Baobab, Radiated Tortoise and Heron.
Each tent offers: Private terrace with chairs and table – 4 poster mosquito netted bed – Wardrobe and dressing table – Bedside lights and tables – 24hr solar lighting and hot water – Fully plumbed bathroom – Hand carved wooden furniture – Baggage trunk.

Base camp at Andringitra National Park

Basic but unique while enjoying the majestic surrounding mountains of the Massif of Andringitra. There are the basic facilities to make your journey comfortable enough.

Campsite at Marojejy National Park

The three campsites offer the necessary but basic comfort for overnights in the deep rainforest. Keep you warm from the cold night but still outstanding for such remote area.